Pokemon GO: Metal Coat – How to Get

Pokemon GO’s Metal Coat is a special evolution item like Sunstone, King’s Rock, Dragonscale, and Upgrade.  In this article, the different ways how to get a metal coat are explained.

Some evolved forms of a Pokemon can be seen in the wild. Others require special items to get their evolution forms. Specifically, Scyther (to Scizor) and Onix (to Steelix) require a metal coat, along with 50 candies, to get their evolution forms.

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Why would you need a Scizor or a Steelix?

Well, Scizor is a Bug and Steel or a dual typing Pokemon with good stats, high resistances, a killer move pool, and a mega evolution in the near future. It is only weak against fire. This makes Scizor a good lead Pokemon due to its high damage and high resistance.

As for Steelix, players consider it the best Pokemon to lead your team due to its high defenses and resistance. While it has many weaknesses, opponents still cannot one-hit knockout this Pokemon. However, its weaknesses are also among the most common ones, and a strategic move in these situations is to charge move and switch.

Now that is out of the way, here is how to get a Metal Coat.

There are five ways of getting a Pokemon Go Metal Coat. These are through Pokestop or Gym Spins, Field Research and Research Breakthrough, Go Battle League, Friends Gifts, and Special Research. Players will get 2 guaranteed Metal coats from the reward in Special Research Tasks, unlike the other methods.

Pokestops or Gym Spins

Pokestops are the most common and recognizable feature of the game and have had an 80-meter click radius since 2021. These are normally found in real-life landmarks, historical and cultural places, and tourist spots.

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Players can get a metal coat with an estimated 500 Pokestop or Gym spins. If put into perspective, every spin has a 5-minute cooldown which means that it will take you about 42 hours or a little less than 2 days if you spin a single Pokestop or Gym. That is if you get lucky.

The 500 spins are based on the 1% drop rate and the shared drop rate from the rest of the special evolution items.

Field Research Tasks and Research Breakthrough

Field Research Tasks are daily tasks given out when you spin a Pokestop. Only one quest is given daily by each Pokestop. Players can delete Pokestop field research tasks but spinning the same Pokestop will give you the same task for that day.

Completing a task will give players a stamp which will lead to a research breakthrough after completing daily tasks for 7 days / collecting 7 stamps. Rewards from these tasks will provide a chance for a Metal Coat.

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Go Battle League

Go battle league is part of the PVP System in Pokemon Go. Players who achieve Rank 5 will be rewarded with Mystery Items which may contain a Metal Coat. Extreme luck is required since this gives random items.

To get to rank 5 you need to do the following:

  • Rank1 – Starting Rank
  • Rank2 – Complete 5 Battles
  • Rank3 – Win 3 Additional Battles from Rank 2
  • Rank4 – Win 4 Additional Battles from Rank 3
  • Rank5 – Win 5 Additional Battles from Rank 4
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Friends Gifts

Gifts drop from spinning Pokestops which can be given to friends. Players can hold up to 20 gifts and can open 30 gifts per day. Despite being rare, this gives players additional chances in getting the item.

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Special Research

There are two special research questlines that provide players with guaranteed Metal Coat rewards. These are Step 4 of A Ripple in Time and Step 6 of Let’s Go Meltan.

A Ripple in Time

A Ripple in Time is the quest for Catching Celebi, the Legendary time-traveling Pokemon.

Here are the quests until Step 4 of A Ripple in Time.
  • Step1 – Power up Pokemon x5, Gym Battle x2, Raid Battle x1
  • Step2 – 3 new friends, catch Pokemon 3 days in a row, evolve a second evolution grass-type Pokemon
  • Step3 – Player level 25, evolve Gloom or  Sunkern using Sunstone (obtained in Step 2), and Hatch 9 eggs
  • Step4 – Walk 10km with Eevee while set as your buddy, evolve Eevee to Espeon in the daytime, and Send 20 gifts to friends
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Let’s Go Meltan

Let’s Go Meltan is a quest to catch Meltan, the Mythical Steel-type Pokemon.

Here are the quests until Step 6 of Let’s go Meltan
  • Step1 – Spin 5 Pokestops or Gyms, catch 10 Pokemon, and Transfer 5 Pokemon
  • Step2 – Earn 2 candies by walking a pokemon buddy, make 10 great Pokeball throws, and hatch 3 eggs
  • Step3 – Catch a Ditto, win 2 gym battles, and battle in 2 raids
  • Step4 – Catch 5 steel-type Pokemon, catch 5-electric type pokemon, and earn 5 candy by walking your buddy
  • Step5 – Evolve a Grimer, catch 5 Slugma or Gulpin, and make 20 great Pokeball throws.
  • Step6 – Evolve a Magnemite, catch 5 Exeggcute, and battle in 10 raids.
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