A new type of Pokemon is released every month to keep the game fresh for the players. This has been continued since the game’s initial launch as a mobile game, and it has undoubtedly evolved significantly since then. We’ll look at what Nosepass is, how to evolve Nosepass in Pokemon Go, and more in this post.

Nosepass is a rock-type Pokemon that hails from the Hoenn region. It’s a rock-type Pokemon that you must eventually evolve into a Probopass in order to complete a task in the game. We’ll look at how to evolve Nosepass in Pokemon Go in the following section.

Catching Nosepass

Nosepass can only be found in the wild. Although it appears to be simple to catch at first glance, you must remain vigilant in order to do so successfully.

When attempting to catch Nosepass, keep in mind that its wild spawns are boosted, and catching it requires the use of a magnetic lure. The steps to catching a Nosepass are outlined below.

  • Have a magnetic lure ready.
  • Visit a poke stop.
  • Activate the magnetic lure and catch a Nosepass when you see one.

Evolving Nosepass

Nosepass is a non-evolved version of the Pokemon  Probopass.  It’s not easy to evolve this Pokemon. In fact, there are a few things you should know before beginning the Nosepass evolution task.

To evolve Nosepass into Probopass, you must first be near a magnetic lure. Magnetic lures can be purchased in a shop for 200 coins or earned as a reward for completing a field research task, such as one of the Jirachi quest’s objectives.


  • Visit a poke stop.
  • Use the magnetic lure.
  • Open Pokemon storage.
  • Go to Nosepass.
  • If you have enough candies, use them to evolve the Nosepass.

Nosepass can only be evolved in a poke stop with a magnetic lure, so don’t try to evolve it anywhere else.

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