Promo codes for Pokemon GO have been unveiled for April 2021! Players can often claim a slew of complimentary rewards!  Every month, Niantic Labs publishes a few new codes that match up to a variety of useful in-game items like Cosmetics, PokeBalls, Berries, Lures, and more!

Active Codes April 2021

  • UWJ4PFY623R5X
    • 5x Ultra Balls
    • 5 Stickers
    • 1x Lucky Egg
  • 9FC4SN7K5DAJ6
    • 5x Stickers
    • 5x Razz Berries
    • 1x Star Piece
    • Starter Kit + PokeBalls
    • 10x Max Potions
    • 10x Ultra Ball
    • 1x Sinnoh Stone
    • 3x Potions
    • 3x Revives
    • 3x Pinap Berries
  • K8G9DFV4X7L3W
    • 50x PokeBalls
    • 8x PokeBalls
    • 4x Golden Razz Berries
    • 4x Silver Pinap Berries

How can you redeem codes in Pokémon Go?

To redeem promo codes on an Android device, follow the steps below.

  • Open Pokémon Go.
  • Click the Pokeball button
  • Select Shop icon scroll down
  • At the bottom, click “Promos”
  • Click Redeem and enter the code

Alternate method:

Trainers must use their trainer account to access Niantic‘s Offer Redemption Portal in order to redeem these codes. The items should be credited to the trainer’s account within the next 24 hours, though it could take up to a few business days for the process to be completed completely.

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