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Whether watching them evolve or evolving them, it’s always been amazing to find Pokemon transforming. It feels like taking care of and watching a kid grow up in front of your eyes. Pokemon has always been like that, catch, care for it, then it evolves into a stronger one. Not all creatures have an evolution form though, but Seedot has. If you’re playing Pokemon GO, do you have the same question: how to evolve Seedot? Here’s everything you need to know about the Spotlight Hour event, weather boosts, and how you can use these to evolve the acorn-shaped Pokemon in GO!

How to Evolve Seedot

If you’ve been playing the mobile AR game for a while now, you know that it takes a lot of time and effort to evolve the Pokemon. Evolving Seedot is no different since you have to grind to transform it into Nuzleaf, then its last form. Moreover, Seedot belongs to a three-evolution family, so from Seedot, it turns to Nuzleaf, and into its final form of Shiftry. Now, how are you going to do that in GO?

Pokemon Seedot, series
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The Spotlight Hour event

  • Not that easy, but grinding for Seedot candy in the game during the Spotlight Hour event could be considered the best time. On January 17, from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. local time, the Seedot Spotlight Hour takes place. A little bit short, but if grinding is what you’re best at, pretty sure you can have the needed candies for evolving!
Pokemon GO, spotlight hour
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  • The Spotlight Hour event means more chances of Seedot spawning, so get all the required candies while you can. Also, if you’re lucky enough, you may find a Shiny Seedot during the event too, so keep a keen eye!

Weather Boosts

  • If you weren’t able to join the Spotlight Hour, you don’t have to worry though, just look at the weather. Oh, no jokes here, the weather of the locations highly increases the chance of spawning certain Pokemon types.
  • Since you need Seedot spawning, a Grass-type Pokemon, you can head to a location with clear or sunny weather conditions. You can find more Grass-type Pokemon there, so explore the area to find Seedot and farm those candies!

As Buddy Pokemon

  • Well, here’s the last option we may have for you to evolve Seedot, make it your Buddy Pokemon. When you register the creature as your Buddy, you’ll have to walk and walk and walk. If you’re up for this challenge of walking, then do yourself a favor and go.

  • In total, a Trainer needs 366 kilometers of walking with Seedot to receive the 125 candies to transform it into Shiftry. It may look easy, but trust us, walking traverse may be quite crazy to do, especially when you do it nonstop. Anyway, you can pick your choice, Trainers!

More about Seedot

While you have the choices above on how to evolve Seedot, here’s what you need then. Once you catch the creature, you need to have 25 Seedot candies to be able to transform it into its middle-stage evolution, Nuzleaf.

  • If you want to reach its final evolution form, then might as well grind more. It requires you 100 candies so you can evolve Nuzleaf into the final form of Shiftry. So we hope you’re prepared to catch a lot of Seedot in the process of evolving this Grass-type Pokemon.
How to evolve Seedot in Pokemon GO, evolution line
Image Courtesy of Pokemon
  • Seedot and its evolution were introduced in Generation III of Pokemon. It resembles an acorn and came from the Hoenn Region. It also happened to be Lotad’s counterpart. To be honest, it’s one of the cutest Pokemon with its shape and size!

How do you think you would use to evolve your Seedot to Shiftry in Pokemon GO? Let us know if you already transformed yours!

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