Pokemon Go Sponsored Gifts

Pokemon Go Sponsored Gifts are a new feature in the game. This allows you to receive and send gifts with sponsored messages. Sponsored Gifts also help you boost your account in a very short amount of time. Here’s everything you need to know about Pokemon Go Sponsored Gifts, locations, and complete guide.

Pokemon Go Sponsored Gifts – Location

Since Pokemon Go Sponsored Gifts is a new feature, it’s available only in select countries at the moment. If you’re a player from the United States of America or Japan you can find these Sponsored Gifts events. Players from other countries, you’ll have to wait for the developers to bring this feature to your country.

One important thing to remember is that “Sponsored Gifts can’t be sent to friends and instead give items directly to the Trainer who receives them.”

Pokemon Go Sponsored Gifts – Complete Guide

Sponsored Gifts in Pokemon Go are basically sponsored tasks. You can send three gifts to your friends and catch a certain number of Pokemon. You need to go to your local T-Mobile stores, Starbucks coffee shops, or other brand-related Pokestops. Only these brand-related Pokestops give you access to these Sponsored Gifts. Also, popular Gyms will have this feature as well.

You can send your friends sponsored gifts and perform your tasks. If you complete these tasks, you get rewarded with rare candies and a lot of stardust.

A Sponsored Gift will appear after you spin a Photo Disc at a PokeStop or a Gym or after battling in a Raid. You can see the logo and name of the sponsore in your gift.

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