The Spring into Spring event, which runs from April 4 to April 8, 2021, is the latest addition to Pokemon GO. The Spring into Spring event, like other major events in the game, includes a collection task that players must complete before the event concludes in order to receive a prize!

How to participate?

Pokemon GO players will have to participate quickly to catch all of the requested Pokemon due to the short time frame for this event.

  • Players will need to find ten particular Pokémon, some of which must be found in specific states!
  • Rewards:
    • 1x Lucky Egg
    • 50x Lopunny Mega Energy
    • 2,500 XP

Spring into Spring Collection Challenge

Thanks to the increased spawn rates for the Spring into Spring event itself, some of the Pokémon are now easily available. Flower Crown Pikachu, Flower Crown Chansey, and Buneary can also be obtained by completing various field research tasks.

  • Exeggcute
  • Bunnelby
  • Plusle
  • Minun
  • Flower Crown Pikachu
  • Flower Crown Chansey
  • Azumarill
    • After completing the Catch 15 Exeggcute Field Research task, players will be guaranteed an encounter with one.
    • This task is available at any Pokestop, but it is only one of five options available.
    • Players must visit other PokéStops if they do not receive the task that rewards Azumarill.
  • Shadow Exeggute
    • This event has greatly increased the odds of Team GO Rocket Grunts having Shadow Exeggcute.
    • After a standard battle with any Team GO Rocket grunt, players can try to save one!
  • Diggersby
    • When it comes to the required Pokémon, Diggersby may cause confusion. This is due to the Pokémon’s strange symbol and the fact that it is rarely seen in the wild!
    • Bunnelby must evolve into Diggersby in order to complete this task.
    • Players will have to pay 50 Bunnelby Candies to do so.

Other Events

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