For Pokemon Go trainers, stardust is extremely useful.  This article will explain how to get more Stardust in your game. To increase the CP of their Pokemon, gamers must combine their Stardust with an adequate amount of candy. Combat Power, or CP, is a measure of a Pokemon’s battle strength and viability. This article will reveal how trainers can earn more Stardust. Let’s start!

How to Earn Stardust

  • From catching Pokemon

100 Stardust: Each Base Level (Wild Pokemon)
300 Stardust: Second Evolution Catch (Wild Pokemon)
500 Stardust: Third Evolution Catch (Wild Pokemon)
600 Stardust: Daily Catch Bonus
3,000 Stardust: 7-day Streak Weekly Catch Bonus
  • From catching Pokemon with Weather Boost

125 Stardust: Each Base Level (Wild Pokemon)
350 Stardust: Second Evolution Catch (Wild Pokemon)
625 Stardust: Third Evolution Catch (Wild Pokemon)
  • From hatching Pokemon

400-800 Stardust: Per KM Egg hatch
800-1,600 Stardust: Per 5KM Egg hatch
1,600-3,200 Stardust: Per 10KM Egg hatch
  • From Gyms

20 Stardust: For every berry given to a Pokemon in a Gym
500 Stardust: Every successful Boss Raid
  • From Research

100-4,000 Stardust: Every completed Field Research
2,000 Stardust: 7-day Field Research Streak
2,000-10,000 Stardust: Every completed Special Research
  • From Gifts

0-300 Stardust: Every gift
  • From Events

Pokemon Go frequently increases the volume of Stardust gamers can acquire for a limited period, be it on Community Day, throughout a themed event, and also as a bonus for global accomplishments. You could obtain a lot of Stardust by allocating time to participate throughout these limited activities.

Activities used to be easier, with 2x Stardust for days. Community Days now give 3x Stardust on occasion, but only on specific Pokemon capture, for instance.

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