Despite the fact that Hoopa is currently uncatchable, its existence in Pokemon GO has players fascinated and anticipating when this will change. Despite this, completing the Strange Rings research tasks is worthwhile because the incentives are worth your time!

This is particularly true when it comes to the prizes for finishing the two-part questline. The activities required to accomplish the research, luckily for players, are not difficult, but they will take a substantial amount of time.

How To Begin

  • Players who want to learn more about the space-bending Djinn first need to visit Professor Willow through their research page.
  • After a brief conversation, the professor requests the trainer’s help in evaluating several rings in the surroundings where Legendary Pokemon have been spotted.
  • The questline is divided into two parts, all with three duties, as is typical for research questlines.

Strange Rings Special Research


Transfer 20x Pokemon. Max Potions (5x)
Take two SnapShots. Razz Berries (3x)
Lucky Egg (1x)
Stardust (2,000)


Win 5x Raids. Max Revives (5x)
Make 5x Great Throws. Silver Pinap Berries (3x)
Catch 20x different Pokemon. Max Revives (3x)
Silver Pinap Berries (3x)
Stardust (3,000)
  • According to the chart above, the majority of the research activities can be finished simply by playing in the GO Fest. Winning numerous raids and capturing 20 various Pokemon species seem to be the most time-consuming activities.
  • Luckily, because numerous species are presently spawning during GO Fest, both of these duties have become relatively easier. Furthermore, as part of GO Fest’s Raid Day, Raid Passes are more widely accessible to Pokemon GO trainers.

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