You’ll need a Sun Stone to evolve some of Pokemon Go’s most recognizable critters, so here’s what to do to get them!

Sun Stones have been around for more than 4 years in Pokemon GO. It’s a type of evolution item that can be used to evolve a limited number of Pokemon. Luckily, there aren’t many Pokemon that require this stone!

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As Kalos’ Pokemon begin to appear, you may discover that Helioptile, the cute electrified lizard, needs this stone to evolve into Heliodisk. As with other evolution stones, it is only obtainable after reaching Lvl. 10.

  • Candy (100x)
  • Sun Stone
  • Candy (50x)
  • Sun Stone
  • Candy (50x)
  • Sun Stone
  • Candy (50x)
  • Sun Stone

Sun Stones is only obtained by spinning Pokestops and going to gyms. Obtaining one of the stones is a tough challenge, with a drop rate of only one percent. They drop along with the game’s other evolution materials so it adds to the difficulty!

  • Pokestop and Gym spin.
    • Explore a location with a large number of Pokestops so you can spin a large number of them in a swift manner.
  • 250 Pokestop spins give you a 50% chance of getting a Sun Stone!
  • Rumors suggest that 7-day streaks can greatly increase your chance of pulling one.
  • In Pokemon GO, you can also get this stone as a prize for finishing the second part of “A Ripple in Time,” special research.
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