Pokemon GO Tour – Kanto Bonus Event Complete Guide

The Pokémon Go: Kanto Tour Bonus Event is a limited Research mission in Pokémon Go. This event is an apology to players who paid for a ticket to the Pokémon Go: Kanto Tour, as some players were able to access its content without paying for a technical glitch. For this reason, this quest should only be available to players who have purchased a ticket for the Kanto Tour.

The Pokémon Go: Kanto Tour Bonus Event is a limited research mission, so you’ll need to complete it before a certain date to get all the rewards or they’ll be gone forever. It will be helpful to take advantage of the March Community Day.

How the Pokémon Go: Kanto Tour Bonus Event works in Pokémon Go

The research, assignments that allow the player to complete challenges in exchange for rewards, came to Pokémon Go in March 2018 and have several different categories.

The Pokémon Go: Kanto Tour Bonus Event is a limited special research mission that runs from Friday, March 5 at 10:00 a.m. (local time) to Monday, April 5 at 10:00 a.m.).

This mission should only be active for players who purchase a ticket for the Pokémon Go: Kanto Tour.

The Pokémon Go: Kanto Tour Bonus Event is a limited investigation, so if you don’t complete it by the deadline, you won’t be able to get all the rewards. Luckily it is a relatively short mission, with only three steps, each with three individual challenges, and you can get useful items by completing them.

This research is a way of asking players who bought a ticket for the event, as some players were able to access the Pokémon Go: Kanto Tour without paying for a technical error … but according to some players on The SilphRoad subreddit some players have been able to access the bonus event without a ticket.

All Missions and Rewards

The three stages of the mission are outlined below, along with individual challenges and rewards from the Pokémon Go: Kanto Tour Bonus Event.

Remember: you have a limit of until Monday, April 5 at 10:00 a.m. to complete this research mission, if you don’t arrive on time you won’t be able to get all the rewards.

Step 1 of 3

  • Send 3 Gifts to Friends – 15 Ultra Balls
  • Catch 20 Pokemon – 10 Silver Pine Berries
  • Use 10 Berries to help you catch Pokémon – 500 XP
  • Rewards: 500 Stardust, 500 XP, and a Bait Module.

Step 2 of 3

  • Power up a Pokémon 3 times – 1 Pokocho
  • Get 3 hearts with your Buddy- 1 Super Incubator
  • Evolve a Pokémon – 1 Lucky Egg
  • Rewards: 15 Ultra Balls, a ChargedTM, and a FastTM

Step 3 of 3

  • Obtain 10 different Pokémon species – 1,000 XP
  • Make 10 GreatThrows – 3 Silver Pine Berries
  • Complete 10 Field Investigations- 1 Star Chunk
  • Rewards: 100 Mew Candies, one Elite Charged Attack TM, and one Elite Quick Attack TM.

Tips for completing ‘Pokémon Go Tour Bonus Event: Kanto’

  • If you’re looking for friends on Pokémon Go, try your luck on The SilphRoad subreddit. Put your friend code or search for people who are trying to find friends.
  • If you can’t find Pokémon of different species, use an Incense. In addition to attracting Pokémon to your location, you will see creatures that do not usually appear in your area.
  • You can also use the specific Bait Modules (Glacial, Magnetic, etc.) to attract Pokémon to a PokéStop. They focus on certain species of Pokémon, so it is more common that you see one that you have not yet caught.
  • If you’re having trouble with great casts, try looking for Pokémon with a large catch radius like Mr. Mime or Gothita.

Good luck completing the Pokémon Go: Kanto Tour Bonus Event!

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