Pokemon GO: Tyrunt and Amaura, All Details (How To Catch)

In Pokémon Go, there’s always something special waiting for all trainers and trainer wannabes! From new Pokémon to new events, things just keep on getting better for Pokémon enthusiasts. Earlier this month, Pokémon Go continued the Adventure Week for this year.

The event started on June 7 and ended on June 12. Along with Niantic reigniting the event comes the debut of two new Pokémon in the game – Tyrunt and Amaura. Although the event has concluded, these two are still lurking everywhere. In this article, we will be teaching you how to catch a Tyrunt or an Amaura, or maybe both!


If you’re longing for a Tyrunt or Amaura as a companion, there are tons of ways you can acquire one or both of them. Here are different ways to catch an elusive Tyrunt or Amaura:

  • 7 KM Egg Hatches

Pokemon Go 7km Eggs, Photo Courtesy of pokemongolive.com

Tyrunt and Amaura first appeared in Pokémon Go as feature Pokémon in Adventure Week. Even though Adventure Week has already ended, you can still hatch Amaura and/or Tyrunt through 7 KM eggs. Hopefully, you have collected a handful of these eggs during the event.

According to some, the chances of getting a Tyrunt and/or Amaura through hatching an egg are quite high. Hopefully, luck finds you well and the Pokémon Gods favor you while you hatch the eggs. Meanwhile, eggs can be acquired through spinning Pokestops, opening gifts, or being given by a friend.

  • Field Research Tasks

Screengrab Courtesy of Poke Ak (via YouTube)

During the Adventure Week event, Pokémon Go gave out various Field Research Tasks for trainers to complete. Each task has a corresponding reward. Unfortunately, the event is over and there is no chance of doing it again.

On the last day of Adventure Week, players made the most out of it during the Ultra Unlock Event. It was a fun-filled day filled with lots of adventures wherein it was the day when Amaura and Tyrunt will spawn more frequently.

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  • The Good Old Fashioned Pokémon Hunting

Screengrab Courtesy of Poke AK(via YouTube)

There is nothing better than traditional Pokémon hunting. After their debut in the event, Tyrunt and Amaura are now part of Pokémon Go’s huge roster of Pokémon available everywhere.

However, you have to know that Amaura and Tyrunt are both rare in the game which means it would be difficult to encounter one. Even during the event, players were complaining about the low spawn rates for both the new Pokémon.

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