Pokemon GO Ultra League Premier Cup Teams (August 2021) Best List

The Premier Cup is here! Any Pokémon with 2,500 CP will be ineligible to be used. It’s fair game in this competition as long as they aren’t legendary or mythical Pokémon. There are numerous options available, and when forming a team, you must ensure that members can protect and compensate for one another’s flaws.

EVENT START August 9, 1:00PM (PDT)
EVENT END August 23, 1:00PM (PDT)

Best Pokemons

Stunkfisk (XL Galarian) Mud Shot Rock Slide Earthquake
Swampert Mud Shot Hydro Cannon Earthquake
Abomasnow (XL) Powder Snow Weather Ball (Ice) Energy Ball
Jellicent (XL) Hex Bubble Beam Shadow Ball
Sirfetch’d Counter Leaf Blade Brave Bird
Nidoqueen (XL) Poison Jab Poison Fang Earth Power
Scrafty (XL) Counter Foul Play Power-up Punch
Machamp Counter Cross Chop Rock Slide
Ferrothorn (XL) Bullet Seed Power Whip Flash Cannon
Escavalier Counter Drill Run Megahorn
Mandibuzz (XL) Snarl Foul Play Aerial Ace
Skarmory (XL) Air Slash Brave Bird Sky Attack
Machamp Counter Cross Chop Rock Slide
Meganium (XL) Vine Whip Frenzy Plant Earthquake
Politoed (XL) Mud Shot Weather Ball (Water) Earthquake
Dragalge (XL) Dragon Tail Aqua Tail Outrage
Drifblim (XL) Hex Icy Wind Shadow Ball
Roserade Poison Jab Weather Ball (Fire) Leaf Storm
Venusaur (Shadow) Vine Whip Frenzy Plant Sludge Bomb
Goodra Dragon Breath Power Whip Muddy Water
Snorlax (Shadow) Lick Body Slam Superpower
Venusaur Vine Whip Frenzy Plant Sludge Bomb


Best Pokemon Teams

Galarian Stunkfisk Swampert Abomasnow
Magnezone Goodra Nidoqueen
Meganium Steelix Machamp
Scrafty Ferrothorn Ninetales
Dragalge Drifblim Sirfetch’d

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