If you’d like to remain competitive in Pokemon Go’s Ultra League Remix, you’ll need to be certain you’re using the right Pokémon. You would not be able to use specific Pokémon in this league classification, which is what renders it a Remix.

You simply will not be able to employ any Pokémon with more than 2,500 CP, as it obeys the same regulations as the standard Great League. The top 20 utilized during the Great League showdowns in June 2021 will also be unavailable. This forces trainers to adjust their rosters to match the specific guidelines.


Alolan Muk Giratina (Altered) Articuno Charizard
Clefable Cresselia Empoleon Escavalier
Gyarados Lapras Melmetal Obstagoon
Poliwrath Registeel Scizor Swampert
Talonflame Togekiss Umbreon Venusaur

You’ll want to think about your Ultra League Remix selections after eliminating the ones mentioned above. If you prefer using these critters, you could still participate in the regular Ultra League showdowns from the 26th of July till the 6th of August, which will run concurrently with the Ultra League Remix.


Lucario Counter / Shadow Ball / Powe-up Punch
Jellicent Hex / Shadow Ball / Bubble Beam
Meganium Vine Whip / Frenzy Plant / Earthquake
Regirock Lock On / Focus Blast / Stone Edge
Nodoqueen Poison Jab / Poison Fang / Earth Power
Gengar Shadow Claw / Shadow Ball / Shadow Punch
Steelix Dragon Tail / Earthquake / Crunch
Roserade Poison Jab / Weather Ball (Fire) / Grass Knot
Blastoise Water Gun / Hydro Cannon / Ice Beam
Dragalge Dragon Tail / Aqua Tail / Outrage
Politoed Mud Shot / Weather Ball (Water) / Earthquake
Heracross Counter / Close Combat / Megahorn
Skarmory Air Slash / Brave Bird / Sky Attack
Gallade Confusion / Close Combat / Leaf Blade
Regice Lock On / Blizzard / Earthquake

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