Walrein is a huge Pokémon that looks like a walrus and has a layer of blubber underneath its skin. It has thin white chains around its neck and tracks on its fan-like tail-fin. Its upper jaw is adorned with two ivory tusks. It has a round snout, yellow eyes, and white tufts on its face and neck. Long flippers replace the feet on its four short legs.


  • Type – Ice / Water-type
  • Weakness – Electric, Fighting, Grass, Rock-type moves

Walrein Counters

  • Thundurus (Therian)
  • Roserade
  • Aggron

Where to catch Walrein?

  • Spheal –> Sealeo –> Walrein
  • Spheal and Sealeo are both commonly observed in or near the sea, but Walrein is known to exist in icy waters.
  • Water Biomes
  • Beaches, Lakes, Ponds, and open waters.

Best Moves

  • Waterfall (16 DPS) and Blizzard (50.3 DPS)
  • Other moveset:
    • Frost Breath (13.3 DPS)
    • Earthquake (38.9 DPS)
    • Water Pulse (26.3 DPS)

How To Beat

  • Ice, Water, Dragon, Rock, and Bug-types should be avoided in this battle because they aren’t very effective!
  • The best Pokemon against Walrein is Thundurus (Therian). Use his Thunder Shock and Thunderbolt. These moves have 100% effective damage!
  • If you don’t have the legendary pokemon in your collection of Pokemons, don’t worry! Roserade is very effective against Walrein too. Use its Bullet Seed and Grass Knot for strong damage!

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