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Since its explosive debut in 2016, Pokemon GO has captivated millions worldwide. At its heart? The thrill of catching Pokemon. While trainers have always been on the hunt for the next trick to boost their catch rates, the Circle Lock technique stands out. This innovative strategy has twisted the way we approach catching, making those rare Pokemon just a bit easier to snag. Dive in as we uncover the magic behind Pokemon GO’s Circle Lock.

What is the Circle Lock Technique?

Well, not every Pokeball can work as a Master Ball. But, what happens when you encounter another super rare Pokemon that you wish to have anyhow? That’s where techniques like the Circle Lock technique can work wonders for you.

At its core, this player-driven method “locks” the target circle to a specific size, making sure throws hit their mark time and again. Born from the tireless experimentation of seasoned trainers, this grassroots technique quickly spread like wildfire within the community. 

But what sets Circle Lock apart? It’s not about how fast or hard you throw. No, it’s about mastery, precision, and control. While other methods rely on brute force or speed, Circle Lock champions finesse, making every throw count.

Why is Circle Lock Important?

Peek under Pokemon GO‘s hood, and you’ll find a world ruled by mechanics and numbers. Every throw, every spin, influences your catch rate. And here’s where Circle Lock shines. With its emphasis on accuracy, it dramatically boosts your chances, especially when you’re up against those tricky, elusive Pokemon with notoriously low catch rates. 

But there’s more to it than just bragging rights. Think about it: more successful catches mean fewer wasted Pokeballs and berries. By mastering Circle Lock, you’re not just catching more Pokemon; you’re playing smarter and more efficiently.

Step-by-Step Guide to Using Circle Lock 

  • Step 1: Holding the Pokeball – Imagine cradling a delicate bird’s egg. That’s how you should touch the Pokeball: gentle, firm, but never releasing. Feel its weight and get a sense of its movement.

  • Step 2: Setting the Circle – Pokemon GO offers three accuracy tiers: Excellent, Great, and Nice. Newbies might aim for “Nice”, but as you grow, aim higher. Your skill level should dictate your ambition.
  • Step 3: The Waiting Game – Here’s where patience pays off. Each Pokemon has its dance, its unique attack animation. Watch, learn, and understand the rhythm of their moves.
  • Step 4: The Perfect Throw – It’s all about the climax. As the Pokemon’s dance reaches its end, release your pokeball. Timing is everything. Get it right, and you’re golden.
  • Step 5: Berry Boost – Golden Raspberries, Silver Pinaps, Raspberries – each has its magic. Use them wisely with Circle Lock, and watch your catch rate soar.


By using Circle Lock method, trainers of all levels can enhance their catching skills. As with any skill, mastery takes time and dedication. So, as you start on this Circle Lock journey, every throw brings you one step closer to perfection.

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