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Heart Scale is an item required for a special NPC to make a Pokemon remember previously deleted moves. In this guide, we’ll talk about the Heart Scale locations.

Where to find Heart Scales

Route 212

  • Players should enter from Pastoria City to find the first guaranteed Heart Scale. Players should proceed northwest once they join this path until they come across one of Pokemon BD & SP’s honey trees.
  • The Heart Scale is concealed in the dirt at the corner of that row, and trainers should take a few feet to the left from this place to approach a group of trees that form a vertical barrier.

Route 214

  • Trainers can uncover another guaranteed Heart Scale by traveling to Veilstone City and entering Route 214 from the south.
  • There is some fence on the right side of this route that creates a number of routes that travel below.
  • Trainers should follow those channels until they reach a purple-clad trainer. Just to the west of that trainer is a tall grass loop, and the second Heart Scale is hidden in a gap in that loop.

Grand Underground

  • Trainers can mine the sparkling patches that appear on the walls in this location for these treasures.


  • Luvdiscs are another endless supply of Heart Scales, and fans may catch these fish-like Pokemon by fishing on Route 224 with the Super Rod.
  • In Pokemon BDSP, this location can be reached after obtaining the National Dex, and players who want a chance at a Heart Scale should catch the Luvdiscs they encounter or use Thief or Covet on them.

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