Pokemon Legends Arceus: Adaman or Irida? Disaster Looming

The world crumbles around you when you’re exiled from the Jubilife Village in Pokémon Legends: Arceus. Since you’ve assisted a number of Wardens in the Hisui region, you’ll get some support from Volo the Guild Merchant. You’ll have to pick between Adaman of the Diamond Clan and Irida of the Pearl Clan to accompany you as you attempt to tackle the Lake Trio challenges. During the Disaster Looming quest, should you go with Adaman or Irida?

Both the Diamond and Pearl clan heads offer assistance, but players can only work with one of them. They’ll have to pick between Adaman and Irida, and their choice will influence the main plot arc’s culmination. Before making a decision, many players will want to know what the repercussions of each option could be.

Disaster Looming: Adaman or Irida (Spoilers Ahead)

The clan leader a player chooses has an effect on the order in which they can obtain two Legendary Pokémons. It will also change the game’s final boss, as players will face a different creature depending on whether they choose Adaman or Irida.

Regardless of their choice, players will be able to capture both Legendary Pokémon, and the climactic battle, while graphically different, is mostly identical in terms of attacks and functionality. As a result, deciding on one clan head over another has no long-term implications.

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If players choose the Pearl Clan leader, Irida will accompany them to the three lakes. In this case, they will face Palkia when they reach Mount Coronet’s summit. Origin Form Dialga will now act as the game’s final boss as a result of their capture of Palkia. Players will be able to capture Dialga using the Origin Ball once the battle is over.

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If the player chooses the Diamond Clan leader, Adaman will accompany them to the three lakes as part of their Red Chain mission. They’ll confront Dialga first at Mount Coronet’s peak later, which implies they’ll have to combat Origin Form Palkia in the game’s primary plot battle. Once the battle is over, they’ll immediately catch Palkia in the Origin Ball.


Players essentially choose which of the two Creation Pokémon will wind up in the Origin Ball and which one will be caught first. They’ll still be able to capture both Pokémon and unlock both of their Origin Forms in the future. In fact, they’ll eventually be able to rematch Dialga and Palkia, suggesting that if they really want to, they can go back and beat the one they missed.

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