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The majority of the Pokemon-themed Kimono Sets are obtained through completing Anthe’s optional Requests or by completing Pokédex entries. The clothes store in Pokemon Legends: Arceus has a wide selection, but the Pokemon-themed garments must be unlocked first.

The Hisui region in Pokemon Legends: Arceus is based on Ezo, which is now known as Hokkaido. As a result, the in-game store will lack the more current clothing found in earlier mainline Pokemon games. As players go through Legends: Arceus’ primary tale, most of their attire will become available.

Since the sixth generation, character customization has been an element of the core Pokemon games.

This involved purchasing new apparel as well as altering hairstyles and colors. Colored contact lenses were added to Pokemon Sun/Moon, allowing for even more customization. Despite the fact that Pokemon Legends: Arceus takes place in ancient Sinnoh, there is no shortage of apparel for players to purchase for their characters.

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Screengrab Courtesy of Arekkz Gaming via YouTube
Fancy Kimono Set
Unlock Requirements
Basculegion Kimono
Unlock the Ride Basculegion
Cherrim Kimono
Cherrim’s Research Level must be 10
Cyndaquil Kimono
Obtain Cyndaquil
Cresselia Kimono
Catch Cresselia (postgame)
Darkrai Kimono
Catch Darkrai (postgame)
Decidueye Kimono
Decidueye’s Research Level must be 10
Electrode Kimono
Defeat the Noble Electrode of Coronet Highlands
Giratina Kimono
Catch Giratina (postgame)
Gyarados Kimono
Gyarados’ Research Level must be 10
Garchomp Kimono
Pre-order Pokemon Legends: Arceus from JP Amazon, and enter the provided code.
Hisuian Braviary Kimono
Unlock the Ride Braviary
Hisuian Avalugg Kimono
Defeat the Noble Avalugg of Alabaster Icelands
Honchkrow Kimono
Honchkrow’s Research Level must be 10
Heatran Kimono
Catch Heatran (postgame)
Hisuian Growlithe Kimono
Pre-order Pokemon Legends: Arceus and receive it as a Mystery Gift.
Kleavor Kimono
Defeat the Noble Kleavor of Obsidian Fieldlands
Liligant Kimono
Defeat the Noble Liligant of Crimson Mirelands
Mountainscape Kimono
Reach Rank 4 of the Survey Corps
Oshawott Kimono
Obtain Oshawott
Rowlet Kimono
Obtain Rowlet
Regigigas Kimono
Catch Regigigas (postgame)
Seascape Kimono
Reach Rank 3 of the Survey Corps
Shaymin Kimono
Have a save file for Pokemon Sword or Pokemon Shield and then speak to Anthe.
Spiritomb Kimono
Get Spiritomb’s Research Level to 10. Tip: Find all 107 wisps around Hisui and then catch Spiritomb.
Sneasler Kimono
Unlock the Ride Sneasler
Samurott Kimono
Samurott’s Research Level must be 10
Typhlosion Kimono
Typhlosion’s Research Level must be 10
Townscape Kimono
Complete the main story
Ursaluna Kimono
Unlock the Ride Ursaluna
Wyrdeer Kimono
Unlock the Ride Wyrdeer

The color scheme for the Fancy Kimono and Fancy Bottoms is inspired by a certain Pokemon, such as Cherrim or Honchkrow. The Pokemon Kimono and Pokemon Bottoms are not the same things. Pokemon Kimono and Bottoms are based on Pokemon Types.

Screengrab Courtesy of Arekkz Gaming via YouTube

Fancy Kimonos are 3200 dollars, while Fancy Bottoms are 2800 dollars. The majority of the sets will be available in-game but some will only be available as Mystery Gifts.

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