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In Pokémon Legends: Arceus, Avalugg is the fifth and final frenzied noble you’ll encounter in the kingdom of Hisui. Players will finally come face to face with the monstrously gigantic Hisuian Avalugg.

Your evading abilities will be put to the ultimate test as Avalugg bombards you with attacks, giving you little to no time to respond. Because of its enormous size, defeating the Slumbering Lord of the Tundra is extremely difficult. Nonetheless, if players are patient enough, they should be able to cope with the angry nobility without having to restart the game.

Players should be able to progressively reduce the Frenzy meter at the top of the screen in prior noble encounters by avoiding some of the attacks.

However, in the struggle against Avalugg, this method isn’t really an option because the margins of error are simply too small for the ordinary player to overcome. Players should instead wait for the window between attack cycles, during which they should be able to clear around 25-35% of the meter each time.

Screengrab Courtesy of Release-Fire via YouTube
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Throughout the first few rounds, Avalugg will fire a near-constant barrage of snowballs from one side of the screen to the other. There are gaps between them, however, instead of trying to thread the needle, players need to dodge from side to side with the Y button. They will not be harmed if they are not motionless when one of the balls hits them.

Avalugg then launches an attack that causes rows of icicles to emerge from the ground. The pattern is always the same, with the first row running through the center, followed by the next two rows on the left and right sides of the battlefield, respectively. If the player prefers, they can use Y to dodge them or simply run out of the way.

Avalugg’s third assault is a series of icicles that shoot up into the air and then straight at the player.

When this happens, players should run rather than dodge because they will not have enough time to get back up after evading before the next icicle arrives. They should run from side to side, being sure to double back if they approach the edge of the platform where Avalugg is.

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A blue beam will be shot from one side of the screen to the other at the end of Avalugg’s attack cycle, which players must hop over with the Y button. Players must jump left or right. The camera can make this difficult at times, but with repetition, it becomes much easier.


After the blue ice beam, Avalugg will get dizzy, allowing players to battle it with one of their Pokémons. As an Ice/Rock-type, Hisuian Avalugg is particularly weak against Fighting and Steel-type attacks, yet due to its naturally high physical Attack and Defense stats, it can be a difficult enemy to defeat. As a result, players should use a special attacker instead of a physical attacker, ideally one with a high Physical Defense stat.

Screengrab Courtesy of Release-Fire via YouTube

Many players will likely avoid combat with Avalugg entirely because of its overwhelming strength, which is actually a rather good strategy. Granted, they’ll have a little less time to blast it with Snow Balm in the windows between cycles, but in fact, the encounter will likely last four cycles instead of three.

Frenzy Meter Below 50%

Once Avalugg’s Frenzy meter falls below 50%, it will start to shake things up a little. This will happen in the form of icicles bursting from the ground during the snowball phase, as well as another attack in which icicles cover the front half of the combat arena shortly before Avalugg fires the blue beam. Players shouldn’t have to change their strategy.

Screengrab Courtesy of Release-Fire via YouTube

Most players should be able to damage Avalugg for 25-40% of the Frenzy meter per cycle. And with that figure increasing, players should use one of their own Pokémon every time Avalugg becomes dizzy. Once the meter is empty, Avalugg will return to its original state, and players will earn their tenth elemental plate. The game then returns to Jubilife Village for the last segment.

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