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In Pokémon Legends: Arceus, bothersome Bidoof is Request 8, and it’s one of the first Requests you’ll get. Arceus’ Bothersome Bidoof quest in Pokémon Legends is properly called, as it is actually annoying. When the Security Corps relaxes its vigilance, these 3 small troublemakers appear in Jubilife Village in a matter of seconds. Tsumugi is tired of it, and that’s where you come in.

To begin, speak with Tsumugi, who is located immediately to the left of the city’s main exit gate, which is used to go to the various Hisui areas. The quest officially begins when you’ve spoken with her. In Pokémon Legends: Arceus, here’s how to finish Bothersome Bidoof, the world’s most unpleasant Bidoof quest.

Bothersome Bidoof

You’ll be entrusted with rounding up the Bidoof once you’ve spoken with Tsumugi. You’ll need your own Bidoof for this, which should be no problem if you’ve already been on a few Obsidian Fieldlands adventures.

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Go to the Pastures and add Bidoof if he isn’t already in your active party. This is critical because if you find a Bidoof without a Bidoof in your party, the Request may be ruined.

Screengrab Courtesy of MonkeyKingHero via Youtube

You can find the 3 missing Bidoof at the following locations after you have a Bidoof in your party:

Bidoof 1: Look directly left of the front entrance at your residence. A Bidoof is relaxing by some shelves.
Bidoof 2: Go to the village’s residential sector in the southwest corner. This does not indicate that you should glance at the entire map’s southwest corner; instead, when you open your map, gaze at the part in the center with all of the red rectangular structures. This Bidoof is hiding behind one of the houses, near a cart and other items.
Bidoof 3: You can find all of your Pokémon that aren’t currently in your active party in the Pastures, which is close by. If you walk the entire length of the fence while keeping all of your Pokémon insides, you’ll locate the last Bidoof hanging out in the southeast corner of the Pastures.

Once you’ve located all 3 Bidoof, return to Tsumugi to claim your prize: a Rare Candy.

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