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Pokémon Legends: Arceus is the latest installment in the Pokémon franchise, and it features a brand-new open environment, new catching systems, and more. While playing, trainers will discover the vast mysteries of Hisui, as well as which Pokémon you’ll encounter.

There are also Pokémons that you’ll need a little help catching, such as these challenging four. You’ll want to know where you can find them if you want to add them to your collection. The procedure is, fortunately, pretty straightforward.

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Step 1 Complete the Arceus story arc in Pokémon Legends.
Step 2 Defeat Giratina in the Extended Quest
Step 3
  • Players should approach Cogita at Galactic Base once they’ve completed the task, and he’ll grant them Request 94: Incarnate Forces of Hisui.
  • The four will begin to appear in very specific regions of the Hisui map at this point.


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Two pillars near Coastland Campsite within the Cobalt Coastlands zone.
How To Defeat
Type Electric and Flying
  • Only when there is a thunderstorm will the Pokémon appear. To begin the battle, players will need to go out into the water.
  • It will hurl hurricanes at you, use Basculegion to get near enough to fight it and evade the hurricanes. You’ll have to toss something at it to shatter its protection, then attack it with a Pokémon.


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Alabaster Icelands, inside the Bonechill Wastes.
How To Defeat
Type Flying
  • Players must wait till there is a snowstorm for the Pokémon to appear; otherwise, the Pokémon will not show up. Players should be leveled up enough to face a level 70 legendary during the snowstorm.
  • Get aboard Wyrdeer and use it to deflect any strikes that come your way. Then get off as soon as you’re close enough to Tornadus to toss an item at it to remove the barrier, then throw a Pokémon at it again to start the battle.
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Ramanas Island in the Obsidian Fieldlands zone
How To Defeat
Type Ground and Flying
  • There are no special weather conditions required for this Legendary Pokémon to appear.
  • To break the hurricane-style barrier it creates to protect itself, toss anything at it first. After that, you can launch a Pokémon at it to start a battle.


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Inside the Crimson Mirelands area – Scarlet Bog.
How To Defeat
Type Fairy and Flying
  • Players should hurl Poke Balls at it to daze it and start the battle phase, much like the previous three.

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