Pokemon Legends Arceus: How To Defeat Arcanine

Players must first befriend Basculegion, a new Basculin evolution capable of transporting people over water, before entering the arena in Poké Legends. This will allow them to travel to Firespit Island, where they will have to defeat the Miss Fortune sisters in combat before facing Arcanine.

How To Defeat Arcanine

Instead of beating gym leaders to gain badges, players in Pokémon Legends: Arceus must continuously strike five Noble Pokémon with special balms to calm them down. A Hisuian Arcanine, the third of these Pokémon Nobles that players will face up against. It is in the Molten Arena sector of the Cobalt Coastlands.

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When the battle with the Lord of the Isles begins, one of the first things players will notice is that the arena is much more constrained than those utilized in prior Noble encounters. Nonetheless, there should be plenty of room to successfully dodge Arcanine’s attacks, of which there are three that players need be cautious of.


Hisuian Arcanine is extremely vulnerable to Ground and Water-type attacks as a Fire/Rock-type Pokémon. Those who choose Oshawott as their starter Pokémon have a slight advantage, but there are plenty of other options for those who did not.

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The Level 36 Lord’s first and most common attack is a dash from one side of the arena to the other. Players will be notified when Arcanine is going to charge forward by an auditory cue and its eyes will briefly light up, similar to the prior battle with Kleavor. When this happens, they should dodge to the left or right with the Y button, and then immediately begin flinging balms.

It’s worth mentioning that if players are standing too close to Arcanine while it charges away from them, they can still absorb damage. Players should avoid standing directly behind Arcanine and instead use the regions to the left and right of the Pokémon, staying as near to the platform’s edge as possible.

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After a little period, Arcanine will charge a powerful strike, which is mercifully easy to cancel. As it gains up energy, five fiery balls will form above its head. Each of which will vanish with a successful balm hit. Arcanine will become dizzy when all five fireballs have been put out. Players will have the opportunity to stun it by defeating it in an optional Pokémon battle.

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About halfway during the fight, Arcanine will leap into the air and land in the center of the arena. This will cause the arena to burst into flames that will burn for the rest of the battle. Players should still be able to escape its charge attack after this. If it performs its heavy strike while on the opposite side of the arena, the flames may make canceling it difficult.

Volcano Balm

To hit Arcanine with a Volcano Balm from across the flames, players must aim high and hold the trigger a little longer than usual. Alternatively, they can just dive through the flames to close the distance. This is if they haven’t taken too much damage by this time in the fight. This will cause them to take damage, but it will be far less than if Arcanine completely charges the move.

The evolved Arcanine will revert to its original form and hand over the Flame Plate after the yellow frenzy meter at the top of the screen has been emptied. Players should return to Jubilife Village and report to Commander Kamado now that the situation is now back to normal. They’ll be able to enter the Coronet Highlands, the game’s fourth area, assuming they’ve already achieved a four-star ranking.

Screengrab Courtesy of Rubhen925 via YouTube

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