Pokémon Legends: Arceus brings back Rotom! This pokemon may change its form to seem like mechanical things from the real world. There are a few places where you can quickly transform into Rotom while on your journey, but you won’t find many of them. But don’t worry! This article will discuss how you can get all of Rotom’s forms.

Unlike the usual Pokemon concept, Arceus differentiates itself in many ways. Several fans may be left asking how to perform tasks like changing Rotom’s form, for instance. Due to the game’s setting in a more feudal age, several well-known techniques of evolution are more difficult to execute. For example,  you’ll have to shell out some cash in Arceus in order to unlock the form you desire.

First step: Find a Rotom

The Summit Camp in the Coronet Highlands is the best place to find this pokemon. You can head southeast of Sacred Plaza and expect to see a lot of Rotom.

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How To Change Its Forms

When Rotom mimics a piece of machinery, its form changes. Its shape will shift if you show it certain tools. In the feudal age, finding a washer might be a bit of a challenge. Ginter, a longtime buddy, is available to provide help.

  • Throughout the game, Ginter will sell you a variety of unique goods to decorate your home with. In fact, a few of these products are the devices that you are trying to locate.
  • Of course, advanced technology comes at a price. To transform Rotom into a new form, you’ll need things costing anywhere from $20,000 to $40,000. So, you’ll need to set aside some money to buy them.
Heat Rotom Mechanical Box P$10,000
Frost Rotom Mechanical Cabinet P$20,000
Mow Rotom Mechanical Circular Saw P$20,000
Fan Rotom Mechanical Pinwheel P$40,000
Wash Rotom Mechanical Tub P$20,000
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