Shiny Pokémon may be found in many games under the Pokémon brand thanks to a variety of hunting techniques. This section of our guide for Pokémon Legends Arceus will focus on one of the game’s many methods: Mass Outbreaks.

No one knows exactly how to unlock Mass Outbreak. The great majority of individuals, on the other hand, claim to notice Mass Outbreaks after having an encounter with a Hachecateur. Others say that it’s after interacting with Ryza for the first time. However, we can’t confirm either of the two.

What are Mass Outbreaks?

  • When Mass Outbreak is activated, city guards may tell you that they’ve heard of a flock of Pokemon in some parts of Hisui. You may see this event on the map as soon as you leave the town.
  • If one of them piques your attention, simply head over there. Check your map for their actual location and enter the area to see their sudden and massive presence. There should be a total of four pokemon of the same kind there.
  • You have a good chance of discovering a Shiny Pokemon if you locate a lot of the same kind. Approaching a Mass Outbreak isn’t always necessary, but it’s always a good idea.
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How To Optimize

Having a better understanding of how Massive Outbreak works will help you discover shiny Pokémon more quickly.

  • When hunting for Shinies, you may manipulate the mechanics of the game in order to maximize your chances of success. By exiting the village and returning to it as many times as needed, you may trigger countless Massive Outbreaks.
  • Restart the game if no shiny appears in the first 10 to 15 specimens met. To avoid a repeat of what happened in the last Mass Outbreak, do not return to the location right away. The Pokémon will be exactly the same. Instead, make your way back to the town first.
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