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The first is Mesprit’s Trial, which can be in the Obisidian Fieldlands area, inside the cave at the center of Lake Verity. They must first beat a powerful Alpha Pokemon before answering a series of questions for the Legendary being of emotion in order to accomplish it.

Hisuian Goodra

As soon as players enter the cave in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, they will confront a Level 58 Alpha Hisuian Goodra. Like the other Alphas in the game, players can try to catch Goodra, but they’ll need a powerful Pokemon or two to resist Goodra’s attacks and decrease its HP enough to keep it from escaping their Poke Balls.

Screengrab Courtesy of FP Good Game via YouTube

In light of this, players should bring a pure Fighting-type Pokemon to battle Hisuian Goodra. There are a few decent choices, but Machamp is unquestionably the best. Players can locate one in the Alabaster Icelands’ Arena’s Approach region, or evolve a Machoke with a Linking Cord. A robust Normal-type can also do the trick, with Snorlax being a good choice.

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Answer Mesprit’s Questions

Mesprit will appear after catching or defeating Hisuian Goodra and begin psychic communicating with the player. It will pose a series of questions to them, which they must answer in order to gain the Pokémon’s trust and obtain the item that the trainers need.

Fortunately, it doesn’t matter which choice trainers choose when answering Mesprit’s queries. Trainers can be honest or just press the A button to speed things along.

Mesprit will send over a special item called Mesprit’s Plume once you answer the final question. This item will be used to build the Red Chain later on. Players will be free to leave the cave now that they have the plume and should travel to the Alabaster Icelands to meet Uxie and embark on the Trial of Lake Acuity. And that’s it! That’s all you need to know about Mesprit’s Trial!

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