Pokémon Legends: Arceus: Origin Form Palkia / Dialga, How to Beat & Unlock

The combat will be nearly identical whether you’re up against Dialga or Palkia in their new forms. The moves of these two Pokémon are three. One is a ring of fire that will stay on the ground during the conflict, while the other is a large area of effect explosion that will descend from the sky. It’s the most difficult to avoid the final move. It’s a ring of blue energy that emanates from the Pokémon and spreads around the entire arena.

Beat Dialga & Palkia

Step 1 Assist all five frenzied noble Pokémon in returning to normal.
Step 2 Return to the village of Jublife.
Step 3 In the Galaxy Guildhall, speak with Commander Kamado in his office.
Step 4 The Mission: Disaster Looming will already be in your queue when you wake up the next morning. After that, things quickly deteriorate. You’re expelled from the village after the sky turns an ominous purple. On your way out, you won’t be able to access any stores.
Step 5 To find Warden Lian, travel to the northeastern area of Obsidian Fieldlands. You previously aided the noble Pokémon Kleavor in this location.
Step 6 Lian will say he is unable to assist you. Now head southwest to the marker, where Mai will greet you. She will, however, inform you that she is unable to assist you.
Step 7 Volo, on the other hand, intervenes and leads you to Cogita. You’ll be given a makeshift living quarter with storage, access to your Pokémon Pastures, and a place to rest.
Step 8 You must complete the challenges of the three lakes to capture Dialga and Palkia.

Three lakes Mesprit, Uxie, and Azelf

In Pokémon Legends: Arceus, you’ll have to travel to the three lakes and engage with Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf to complete the story. You’ll be asked whether you want Adaman of the Diamond Clan or Irida of the Pearl Clan to join you at this point. Dialga will be your first opponent if you choose Adaman. If you go with Irida, you’ll first meet Palkia.

Travel to the lakes and perform the tasks put before you by each of the Mythical Pokémon.

Mount Coronet

Commander Kamado has traveled up the mountain to deal with the problem, but you must intervene quickly. To confront Dialga and Palkia, travel to Mt. Coronet and climb to the top of the mountain where the sky is somewhat, unusual.

Dialga or Palkia’s health must be depleted before it can be caught in a Poké Ball. To defeat them quickly, take advantage of their flaws.


Another portal will form, through which the other Legendary will pass. Instead of fighting it right away, you’ll run down the mountain ways. Before you may return, you must collect the elements needed to make an exceptional Poké Ball: the Origin Ball.

Down the mountain, follow the Mission sign until you reach a cave with red flashing portions within. The Miss Fortune sisters, unfortunately, are waiting for you. To collect the ore you want, you’ll have to overcome Charm. She will summon a level 61 Rhydon and a level 62 Gengar. Use their flaws to easily dispatch them.

Origin Ore

Lian and his Hisuian Sliggoo will remove “Origin Ore” from the rock and deliver it to you once you’ve vanquished Charm. Return to Jubilife Village and speak with Professor Laventon about making that particular Origin Ball.

Second Legendary

Add the first Legendary you caught to your party after you have the Origin Ball, and then return to Mt. Coronet to fight the second Legendary. This time, the Legendary you face is in its Origin Form, and it must be slain in the same manner as the noble Pokémon you aided earlier in the game.

Continue to dodge it and throw balms at it. When you stun it, immediately switch in a Pokémon with a type advantage over the Legendary you’re fighting. It will begin to emit a blue ring, which you must avoid to avoid incurring damage. Continue until the creature’s health is entirely drained. The sky returns to normal when you catch Dialga or Palkia with the Origin Ball in a cutscene.

The main storyline will come to an end if you’ve captured or defeated both Dialga and Palkia, and the credits will begin to play.

Unlock Palkia Origin Form

Screengrab Courtesy of Geração Power Up via YouTube
Step 1 Head to the Alabastor Icelands after you’ve completed the main story and seen the credits roll.
Step 2 Irida may be found in the northeast corner of the Pearl Settlement.
Step 3 She’ll tell you she has a special item that was passed down from the Pearl Clan, but you’ll have to defeat Irida to get it.
Step 4 You’ll get the Lustrous Globe if you vanquish her. To watch it transform into its Hisuian Origin Form, give it to Palkia.

Unlock Dialga Origin Form

Screengrab Courtesy of Geração Power Up via YouTube
Step 1 Head to the Crimson Mirelands after you’ve completed the main tale and seen the credits roll.
Step 2 Now head northeast to the Diamond Settlement, where you’ll find Adaman.
Step 3 He’ll tell you he has a special artifact from the Diamond Clan, but you’ll have to defeat Adaman to get it.
Step 4 You’ll get the Adamant Crystal if you vanquish him. Give it to Dialga to witness it change into its wacky Hisuian Origin Form.
Screengrab Courtesy of Geração Power Up via YouTube

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