Pokemon Legends Arceus: Request 29; Pokemon With Three Leaves Location

Players can begin The Search for Bitter Leaves by speaking with Shinon in Jubilife Village after finishing the Arezu’s Predicament story quest. Petilil, the “Pokemon with three leaves” stated in the mission instructions, is the subject of this request. Finding a Petilil in Pokemon Legends: Arceus isn’t difficult, and this guide will show you where to look.

Petilil Location

Players working on the Bitter Leaves Request should visit the Cottonsedge Prairie on the Crimson Mirelands’ east side. Fans should go to the Diamond Settlement, saddle their Pokemon Legends: Arceus mounts, then ride up and around Lake Valor to get to this area. While this path may appear convoluted, it should allow any player who has unlocked the Search for Bitter Leaves to easily visit the Cottonsedge Prairie.

  • Fans will notice numerous Petilils strolling around among the cotton when they arrive, and they should catch one and return it to Anise in Pokemon Legends: Arceus’s Jubilife Village.
  • Players will be treated to a short sequence after interacting with that character and turning over the Pokemon with three leaves, during which the Search for Bitter Leaves request will be recognized as complete. At this point, Trainers will also receive their gifts, which include three Fine Remedies and five Hopo Berries.
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Screengrab Courtesy of Abyx Gaming via YouTube

Cottonsedge Prairie is not the only place where Petilils is; if you like, you can go to the Holm of Trails on the south side of the Crimson Mirelands instead. While fans can easily approach that region with the use of a specific mount, it is unlikely that everyone will have obtained it at this point in the game. Jump across the river north of the Holm of Trials by finding a thin area and using the Wyrdeer.

It should not take long for a player to complete this request. This is regardless of where they choose to catch their Pokemon with three leaves. Fans will then be able to return to Pokemon Legends: Arceus’ narrative tasks, as well as work on the game’s various side quests. After resolving The Search for Bitter Leaves, there is still a lot of things to find.

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