Pokemon Legends: Arceus – Request 50 Guide (Double the Tails, Double the Fun)

After you gain the ability to ride your Pokemon through water areas, Request 50 will unlock. You’ll need to progress through the main story until you unlock this ability before pursuing this quest.

You’ll need to go to Netta in Jubilife Village to start the request. From there, she’ll tell you about a Pokemon with two tail fins she saw before. Catching and delivering that Pokemon to her will complete the request.

Who is the Pokemon With Two Tail Fins?

The Pokemon Netta is referring to is Finneon. You’ll find plenty of Finneon in the Cobalt Coastlands, at the Seagrass Haven area. Seagrass Haven is a small set of islands southwest of Firespit Island.

Image Courtesy of Game Freak

Head to the waters beside the Haven and ride Basculegion. You’ll eventually notice parts of the water moving. Don’t fret if you can’t find them right away as the Finneon’s swim around.

When you do spot them, they’re easy to catch. Finneon does not run away or fight, so jump in the air and throw Pokeballs at it. It’ll be easier to use the slow down button to give you more chance to aim your throw right.

Request 50 Rewards

Return to Netta, and she’ll be pleased that you found the Pokemon she’s looking for. She’ll reward you with a Star Piece for your hard work. She also promises she’ll support the Survey Corps in any future work.

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