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Those who have played any of the Generation 4 Pokémon games will recognize several of the locations in Pokémon Legends: Arceus. Hisuian Braviary can only be met in the Snowpoint Temple, which is featured here.

There are a series of sculptures depicting the three Legendary Titans, and you will have to solve riddles depending on the positioning of these statues. This article addresses all of your questions about which panels to push and in what sequence, as well as how to figure it out for yourself.

The Puzzle

After following the quest marker up a few flights of stairs, players will encounter a locked door with three panels put into it. Which will halt their progress. The three elements of the original Legendary Titan triad are by these panels: Rock, Ice, and Steel. Before being choosing which panel they’d like to press first, they’ll read a cryptic clue that reads “Wither the statues gaze…”

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Screengrab Courtesy of Release-Fire via YouTube

To complete this problem, players must first locate the first statue on their current floor. After which, players must observe the direction in which it gazes. Following its line of sight will take players to another statue, and so on. This is until they come across one that is staring at the door. The elemental sign on each of these statues can be double-checked by pressing the A button.

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To open the door, players must press the door panels that match the symbols in the order in which they are discovered. They should begin with the first statue on each floor, making sure not to overlook any statues hiding behind walls or windows. There are three doors to unlock in this manner in total, with three, five, and six statues required for each solution.

Which Panels To Press

Screengrab Courtesy of Release-Fire via YouTube
Snowpoint Temple Statue Puzzle #1
Rock – Steel – Ice
Snowpoint Temple Statue Puzzle #2
Ice – Rock – Steel – Rock – Ice
Snowpoint Temple Statue Puzzle #3
Steel – Ice – Rock – Ice – Steel – Rock
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