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Finding and catching Spiritomb is one of the more challenging parts of Pokemon Legends: Arceus. It involves finding the location of 107 wisps scattered throughout the Hisui region. Listed here is what you need to do to unlock Spiritomb, along with locations of all wisps. You’ll need to start by accepting a specific request, #22.

Eerie Apparitions in the Night

You’ll unlock request 22 after you defeat Kleavor. You’ll get a cutscene where you’ll encounter Vessa, a young girl who’ll give you a keystone. She’ll ask you to find 106 more wisps (you’ll get the first one automatically). For every ten wisps you capture, you can return to her for a reward.

Rewards per 10 Wisps

  • 10 wisps – Oval Stone
  • 20 wisps – Rare Candy
  • 30 wisps – Seed of Mastery
  • 40 wisps – Dusk Stone
  • 50 wisps – Exp Candy L
  • 60 wisps – Linking Cord
  • 70 wisps – 5 Girt Pebbles
  • 80 – wisps Reaper Cloth
  • 90 wisps – 3 Seed of Mastery
  • 100 wisps – 2 Exp Candy XL
  • 107 wisps – 3 Grit Rock

Hunting wisps are an easy task, though you can only unlock some locations as you progress through the game. It’s best to hunt at night as you can easily spot their glow. However, you’ll have to deal with more aggressive nocturnal Pokemon.

You’ll also need access to rides like Basculegion, Sneasler, and Wyrdeer. Try to mark the wisp on the map as soon as you spot it, so you don’t forget its location if you get sidetracked. Here are the wisp locations for each area:

Alabaster Icelands

Note: You can find a wisp inside Snow Point Temple. The Avalugg’s Legacy wisp is also inside an ice cave.

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Crimson Mirelands

Image Courtesy of Reddit User waqner
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Cobalt Coastlands

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Coronet Highlands

Note: You can find a wisp in the Ancient Quarry and another won inside Wayward Cave.

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Jubilife Village

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Obsidian Fieldlands

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After completing all the wisps, return to Vessa and she’ll direct you to a final objective. Head to that location and Spiritomb will spawn there.

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