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You’ll meet one of these missions in Cobalt Coastlands, which is the 3rd zone in Pokémon: Arceus. Players must find and catch this third-generation Pokémon Dusclops as part of the task at hand.

Note: Before you start this mission, you’ll need to finish Mission #10: The Lordless Island, which is part of the story questline.

The Lordless Island

You will be tasked by the Lordless Island with catching a wild Dusclops. You’ll need to travel east to Deadwood Haunt to accomplish this. Dusclops will be waiting near a shipwreck when you arrive at Deadwood Haunt. Once you arrive, you can challenge and capture the Pokémon. After capturing Dusclops, return to Iscan and show him your work to accomplish the assignment.

Other Locations:

Alabaster Icelands
  • Arena’s Approach
  • Avalanche Slope
Crimson Mirelands
  • Deadwood Haunt
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Dusclops will not appear in any of the 3 locations until it is nighttime.  Fortunately, the weather is insignificant. As long as it’s night, Dusclops can spawn in any weather. By stopping at a camp and choosing until nightfall,  players can adjust the time.

During a major outbreak, Dusclops might also appear. This is only possible at Deadwood Haunt. Dusclops can show up as an alpha spawn in any of the three locations.

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Duskull to Dusknoir, How To Evolve

When Duskull reaches level 37, it will evolve into Dusclops. Players must activate the evolution process, unlike in a typical Pokémon franchise. This is performed by selecting the Pokémon in their team and choosing to evolve when that Pokémon is ready to evolve.

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Next is to use a Reaper Cloth on Dusclops to evolve it into Dusknoir. Reaper Cloths can be gained through the Merit Points Trading Post in Jubilife Village or from the ground in Space-Time Distortions, just like many other evolution items. When defeated or captured in the wild, Duskull and Dusclops can occasionally drop a Reaper Cloth.

Screengrab Courtesy of King Burlingtone via YouTube
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