Pokemon Legends Arceus: Top 5 Grass Pokemon, Where To Find

Grass Pokemon are a reliable addition to any team. They remain a good choice despite other types overshadowing it. The reason for this is that these Pokemon often come with noticeable weaknesses. There are a few that stand out in the game. Here are the best Grass types you’ll find as you explore Hisui:


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The Grass eevolution has high attack and defense stats. It’s also a pure Grass-type, meaning you won’t have to worry about any dual typing weakness.


Your best bet would be to find an Eevee. The Obsidian Fieldlands has space-time distortions that make Eevee appear along with Leaf Stones. Use the stone on Eevee to turn it into a Leafeon. You can also bring Eevee to the Moss Rock in the Heartwood. There are also rare occasions where you can find Leafeon inside the distortion.


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Torterra has strong grass attacks thanks to its Overgrow ability and is tanky as it prevents critical hits with its Shell Armor. The best choice would be to find one with a Brave nature to maximize its attack.


You can find an Alpha Torterra at the Crimson Mirelands in the Holm of Trials. Alternatively, you can try to look for Turtwig or Grotle in the southeast corner of the Mirelands at the small pond. It is a rare appearance.

Hisuian Decidueye

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While it isn’t as strong as the non-regional form, the Hisuian version of Decidueye is no joke. It’s a powerful physical attacker with grass moves it can use when it needs it.


The fastest way to get this Grass Pokemon is to choose Rowlet as a starting Pokemon during the beginning of the game. It evolves to its final form at Level 34. Alternatively, you can talk to the professor after defeating the main story. From there, you can visit the Coronet Highlands and try to encounter one in space-time distortions.


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Tangrowth has very high base stats, making it the strongest non-mythical Grass Pokemon. It has very high defense, attack, and special attack.


You’ll find Tangela and Tangrowth wandering the Crimson Mirelands at the Gapejaw bog area. You can also find Tangela at the Cobalt Coastlands in the Crossing Slope.


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The mythical Pokemon Shaymin edges out everyone in terms of strength. It can switch between two forms, making it one of the most versatile options for all players.


Shaymin will only appear with saved data from Pokemon Sword or Shield. After completing the main story, visit the Obsidian Fieldlands and head to the Fieldlands Camp. Find and speak with Medi who’ll direct you to the Floaro Gardens, where Shaymin resides. Medi will also have the Gracidea item, which allows you to switch between Shaymin’s forms.

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