Pokemon Legends Arceus: Ursaring Evolution + Peat Block Location

A new generation of Pokémon has been incorporated in Pokémon Legends: Arceus, which follows in the footsteps of its predecessors. Ursaring is among the species that acquired a new evolution. Once it achieves its ultimate form, Ursaluna, this bear will gain a new set of abilities that may devastate other pokemon!

To obtain an Ursaluna, you must first acquire an Ursaring or catch a Teddiursa and evolve it.

The Pokedex lists just one habitat for Teddiursa and Ursaring – the Crimson Mirelands. However, Ursaring and Teddiursa may also be encountered west of the Gapejaw Bog, to the south of the Golden Lowlands.

What’s next after capturing an Ursaring? Finding A Peat Block!

  • You’ll need to continue playing in order to obtain the Celestic Flute. As with mounting a Wyrdeer, you’ll be able to climb the gigantic Ursaluna with the help of the flute. When riding, Ursaring’s special senses allow it to locate anything buried under the surface.
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  • To find a Peat Block, you must follow Ursaring’s instincts. It’s possible that you will spend a long time hunting for the Peat Block due to its unpredictable location. Fortunately, Ursaring has the ability to also locate evolutionary materials like Moon Stones. So following the bear’s tracks isn’t such a bad idea! 🐻
Crimson Mirelands Scarlet Bog
Obsidian Fieldlands Deertrack Heights
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It’s important to remember that they don’t always show in the same place or on the same day for everyone. For a fresh start, go back to camp and rest until the next day. It is possible that new locations will appear, letting you continue your investigation.

After discovering the Peat Block, you will have to wait for a full moon before you can evolve Ursaring.

Knowing how much longer it will take to view the moon can help you prepare. There will be a full moon shortly if it is facing left. Alternatively, you can verify this by checking Ursaring and seeing if the Peat Block is now usable.

Screengrab Courtesy of TagBackTV
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