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Few Legendary Pokemon are as iconic as Mewtwo. Since its debut in Pokemon Red & Blue over a quarter-century ago, the genetically created psychic-type has reappeared in a slew of additional games. This includes Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl.

Mewtwo Location

  • Mewtwo can be found in the Genome Room at Ramanas Park; a post-game area that becomes available once players have defeated the Elite Four and unlocked the National Dex.
  • Players will need to obtain special slates to face Legendary Pokemon at Ramanas Park. They’ll need a Genome Slate for Mewtwo, which must be traded for Mysterious Shards at the counter to the left of the park’s entrance.
  • While this may appear to be a straightforward task on paper, players will need to locate as many as 27 Mysterious Shards to obtain a Genome Slate, which will take most players at least four hours of grinding in the Grand Underground.

After catching the 3 Legendary Titans, Latios and Latias, as well as one of the three Legendary Beasts or the three Legendary Birds, players will be able to obtain a Genome Slate. They must then take this to the Genome Room, which is located on an elevated platform in the park’s center. Set it in the Enigmatic Pedestal to summon Mewtwo.

Image Courtesy of PIMPNITE

How to Catch Mewtwo

  • Mewtwo is a lot easier to catch than some of the other Pokémon in Ramanas Park once it appears. Due to its move set, unlike the 3 Legendary Titans, who are prone to running out of PP and knocking themselves out, or the Weather Trio, who can heal themselves in the middle of a battle, Mewtwo’s move set is extremely simple.
  • 3 of its techniques are non-damaging, and one has 30 PP, thus players should focus on Psychic. Using a dark-type Pokemon will allow them to progressively deplete Mewtwo’s health without fear of receiving even minor damage. Mewtwo should be rather easy to capture, especially when compared to some of the game’s other Legendary Pokemon.

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