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How’s everyone’s adventure going in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet? Pretty sure you’re here to know where to find the best hold (or held) items in the game. Well, worry no more as we got the best list of these to equip hold items for your Pokemon! Also, just in case you’re new (or just curious) about what hold items are, then you may want to proceed reading below!

What are Hold items?

So, to reiterate what we said above, these are items you can equip for your Pokemon. Hold or held items began in the game during Generation II. Each Hold items have various effects, so you may choose depending on what you need.

  • In the earlier Pokemon games, these items can be found in the area. However, for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, these items can be bought from Delibird Presents. This store can be found across the Paldea region, so you need not worry. Let’s get down to business.

Where to find the Hold Items?

So to begin, there are three cities in the region of Paldea that locates Delibird Presents shops. You can stop by the cities of Cascafarra, Levincia, and Mesagoza to shop. The Delibird Presents shops in these cities offer different items, by the way.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Hold Items, paldea region
Image Courtesy of The Loadout
  • If you sight two Delibird Presents shops in a city, they have the same items, so move on to another city if you want to. The specific locations of these shops can be found when you zoom in on your map.
  • Just in case you can’t buy it at the moment, maybe you can try to explore the Paldea region to find a few items around. You may find some Damp Rock and Soft Sand for randomly scattered items. Now let’s head to the list!

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Hold items list

For easier navigation, we’ll list down the items per city in the region of Paldea. These Hold items can be used in battle so pretty sure you’d want to get a hand on these. We’ll also write descriptions on some items (maybe our favorites!).


Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Hold Items, cascafarra
Image Courtesy of Nintendo Insider
  • Absorb Bulb
  • Air Balloon: An item can be held by a Pokemon to float in the air until it’s hit. The item bursts after the holder is attacked.
  • Big Root: This item right here boosts the amount of HP the holder recovers from the HP-stealing moves.
  • Bright Powder: This throws a large that decreases the enemy’s accuracy.
  • Cell Battery
  • Damp Rock
  • Dragon Fang
  • Electric Seed: This item can only be used once and it increases Defense on Electric Terrain.
  • Grassy Seed: Another seed item that allows single-use and boosts Defense on Grassy Terrain.
  • Hard Stone
  • Heat Rock
  • Icy Rock
  • Leftovers
  • Light Clay
  • Luminous Moss
  • Magnet
  • Mental Herb: The holder can only use the item once and it shrugs off the move-binding effects to freely move.
  • Mirror Herb: This can be one of the favorites as the holder can mirror an enemy’s stat to increase its own, however, this is for single-use only.
  • Misty Seed
  • Normal Gem
  • Poison Barb
  • Power Herb
  • Psychic Seed
  • Shed Shell
  • Smooth Rock
  • Snowball
  • Spell Tag: An item that boosts the power of Ghost-type attacks of the holder.
  • Terrain Extender: This prolongs the use of terrain caused by the holder’s Ability.
  • Utility Umbrella
  • White Herb


This city in Paldea may not be the largest like the following Mezagoza, but large enough for you to explore. Once you’ve reached the area, you may want to check out the Levincia Gym and maybe battle with Gym Leader Iono, peek at the photo below!

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Hold Items, levincia
Image Courtesy of Nintendo Life
  • Adrenaline Orb
  • Binding Band: This special item increases the power of the binding attacks of its holder.
  • Black Belt: Moreover, the Black Belt brings more focus and power to the bearer’s Fighting-type moves.
  • Black Gasses
  • Black Sludge
  • Covert Cloak: This cloak tricks the eyes of the holder’s enemy and shields it from the extra effects of its moves.
  • Eject Button: If the Pokemon with the item is attacked, it is immediately switched out of the match.
  • Eject Pack: While the Eject Pack hold item allows Pokemon with a decreased stat to switch out in the midst of battle.
  • Flame Orb
  • Heavy-Duty Boots
  • Iron Ball
  • Lagging Tail
  • Loaded Dice
  • Metal Coat
  • Metronome: You’ll probably add this one to your buying list, as this item boosts move repetitively until you use a different attack.
  • Never-Melt Ice: This would boost the Ice-type moves of the holder.
  • Protective Pads
  • Red Card
  • Ring Target
  • Room Service
  • Safety Goggles
  • Scope Lens
  • Shell Bell
  • Soft Sand: This is silky sand that increases the power of Ground-type attacks.
  • Sticky Barb: It may damage the holder every turn, however, it can latch to a Pokemon that touch the holder of the item.
  • Toxic Orb
  • Twisted Spoon
  • Wide Lens
  • Zoom Lens


Just a piece of information for you, Mesagoza is the largest city in the Paldea Region. It rests in the middle of the region with the oldest school in the same area too. Check out the photo below!

Where to find hold items, mesagoza
Image Courtesy of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
  • Ability Shield
  • Assault Vest
  • Blunder Policy
  • Charcoal: This should be an item perfect for Pokemon with Fire-type moves. It should be boosted when the Pokemon holds this item.
  • Choice Band: This Choice hold item boosts Attack but only allows for one move.
  • Choice Scarf: Furthermore, this Choice hold item boosts Speed but only allows for one move.
  • Choice Specs: The Choice Specs increase Special Attack but only allow for one move.
  • Clear Amulet
  • Destiny Knot
  • Eviolite
  • Expert Belt
  • Focus Band
  • Focus Sash
  • Grip Claw
  • King’s Rock
  • Life Orb: It could cost some HP with every hit, but it boosts the power of each move.
  • Miracle Seed: This seed is charged with a life force that increases the power of Grass-type attacks.
  • Muscle Band
  • Mystic Water
  • Punching Glove
  • Quick Claw
  • Razor Claw
  • Rocky Helmet
  • Sharp Beak
  • Silk Scarf
  • Silver Powder
  • Throat Spray
  • Weakness Policy: When the holder is attacked with something its weak at, this item raises the damage of its Attack and Special Attack, respectively.
  • Wise Glasses: This glasses item can be helpful in slightly boosting the damage of special moves.

What do you think would be the best Hold item for your Pokemon? Share with us below!

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