There are many technical issues that plague Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. But the game covers that with the raw amount of tasks to do in the game. And now, it is introducing us to a new kind of super-powered Titan Pokemons that are larger and stronger than usual.

Named Titan Pokémon they are enormous variants guarding the Herba Mystica in the Path of Legends. But can players even catch these Titan Pokémon? Let’s have a look.

Can you catch a Titan Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet?

can you catch a titan pokemo in pokemon scarlet and violet
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You will not be able to catch these Titan Pokemons during the main narrative of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Currently, there are five Titan Pokemon in the Paldea region which are supersized versions of actual Pokemon.

  • Not only are these foes very hard to take down, but they are also impossible to catch in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Sadly, there is no way for you to catch a Titan Pokemon in the games.
  • When a Pokemon is in its Titan form, you will not be able to catch it with a Poke Ball, even if its health is low and is severely weakened. Lastly, once you beat the Titan, it will disappear in a moment, leaving you with no opportunity to catch it.

But, but, but, players can still catch the regular versions of the Titan Pokemons. One of the best ways to catch their regular versions is to make your way back to the spot where you found their Titan variants.

How to catch a Titan Pokemon?


After you beat the Titan form, the pokemon will be shrunken down to its normal-ish size. And be careful, Titan Pokemons do not spawn. So in case you lost the battle, there is no chance of catching another Pokemon of the same type.

Steps to catch it:
  • After you have defeated any Titan Pokemon in the Path of Legends quest, you can return to their location to find the regular version.
  • If you throw a Poke Ball or run into them, nothing will work. In order to begin the fight, you’ll have to interact with them.

Quick Tip: Make sure to turn off your auto-save and then do a manual save before starting your battle. This way you can restart the game in case you accidentally make them faint or fail the catch.

Here are the five Titan Pokemon that are available in the game, along with their locations:

Titan Pokemon Location
Stony Cliff Titan: Klawf North West part of the Artisan in the Mountain
Lurking Steel: Orthworm North West of Lavincia in the Excavated Mountain Area
Quaking Earth: Great Tusk/Iron Treads Asado Dessert West to the Kaskarafa
Open Sky Titan: Bombirdier West Province area one Southwest to the Kaskarafa
False Dragon: Tatsugiri Eastern side of Casseroya Lake


1. Klawf (Stony Cliff Titan)

how to catch titan pokemons
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  • Klawf the Former Titan is found NE of the South Province (Area Three) Watchtower.
  • You see the entrance to the Herba Mystica cave. To the right of the cave entrance, there’s a skinny path up the mountain.
  • Follow the path to find the Former Titan standing in your way. They’ll be level 16.

2. Orthworm (Lurking Steel Titan)

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Orthworm | Image Courtesy of AbdallahSmash026 on Youtube
  • Orthworm the Former Titan is found directly next to the East Province (Area Three) Watch Tower.
  • Fast travel to the tower and you’ll find it in the pit next to the tower. They’ll be level 29.

3. Great Tusk/Iron Treads (Quaking Earth Titan)

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Great Tusk/Iron Treads | Image Courtesy of AbdallahSmash026 on Youtube
  • Great Tusk/Iron Treads is located on the western side of the Asado Desert.
  • It is in the center of a large ring of stones. They’ll be level 45.
  • It is the only Paradox Pokemon you can catch in the game, and the only one found outside of Area Zero.

4. Bombirdier (Open Sky Titan)

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Bombirdier | Image Courtesy of AbdallahSmash026 on Youtube
  • Bombirdier, the Former Titan is found near the base of the mountain where you first encountered it. It’s northwest of the “West Province (Area One) – Central” Pokemon Center.
  • Take the skinny path that leads up to where the boulders were falling, and you’ll spot the Former Titan hovering right where the path opens up. They’ll be level 20.

5. Tatsugiri (False Dragon Titan)

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Tatsugiri | Image Courtesy of AbdallahSmash026 on Youtube
  • Tatsugiri the Former Titan is located exactly where you first found it.
  • At the edge of the small island tiny island located on the eastern side of Casseroya Lake. They’ll be level 57.


 scarlet and violet best former mark
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After catching a Titan Pokemon, you can also activate their mark/title by bringing them into your party. Now during Trainer battles, and any time you swap Pokemon during a battle, you’ll proudly announce that that Pokemon was a “Former Titan.”

So there you have it. Our guide on how to catch Titan Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Hoping this information proves helpful and allows you to capture all the enormous creatures in this game.

What is your best strategy for catching a Titan Pokémon? Let us know in the comments below. Make sure to bookmark Spiel Times Pokemon Guides to get hints, and tips that you’ll need to make your Paldea adventure a good one!

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