Pokemon Scarlet and Violet - Dudunsparce; How to get

Every day, it would be nice to catch a new Pokemon, right? If you’re the explorer type in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, you may have found Dudunsparce already. However, finding this Pokemon takes a keen eye and a whole lot of patience. If you think you’re good to go and ready for another Pokemon-catching guide, here’s how to get Dudunsparce and Dunsparce in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet!

Who is Pokemon Dudunsparce

This Pokemon debuts on Generation 9 but its first form isn’t really new for Trainers. Dudunsparce is a Normal-type Pokemon known as the Land Snake Pokemon.

Dudunsparce, pokedex
Image Courtesy of u/NewestRed via Reddit
  • It has three evolution forms, by the way. The evolution starts with a familiar name to Trainers, Dunsparce. In the latest Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, it now evolves to a Two-Segment form Dudunsparce, and the last happens to be a Three-Segment form.
  • With these evolutions, you may ask us questions about where and how you can have these. Here are the steps you can do to acquire Pokemon Dudunsparce.

How to get

Trainers have a very rare chance of seeing Dudunsparce in the wild, however, you may opt to search for its base form — Dunsparce.

  • According to Pokedex, Dunsparce is very rarely seen, given that if it flees underground, it won’t return.
Dunsparce in SV
Image Courtesy of Dot Esports via Nintendo
  • Fortunately, even in the first area of the Paldea region, you may encounter one. It’s scattered throughout the region but you have to purposefully look for it still. And if you found yours, then let’s move on to the next step!

How to evolve Pokemon Dunsparce

This lazy larvae-like Pokemon isn’t really hard to evolve (it was harder to find, TBH). You may need just a little more grinding energy to reach the Two-Segment form. The key to evolving this creature is for it to learn a move.

  • Dunsparce needs to learn the ‘Hyper Drill‘ move and it can only be acquired when it reaches Level 32. Once it learns the move at the specific level, it automatically evolves to Dudunsparce in Two-Segment form.
Pokemon Dudunsparce, evolve
Screengrab Image Courtesy of AggronHD via YouTube
  • If an unfortunate event happens where you accidentally cancel the learning of Dunsparce, don’t panic right away. Instead, head to the menu and you can make it to remember the move (calm down, okay).

How to evolve into a Three-Segment form

We know you’ve been meaning to ask this when you knew it had a Three-Segment form. So in physical appearance, there’s not much of a difference though. The evolution forms of Dunsparce didn’t become cool-looking scary creatures, they’re still… them. Anyway, back to the Three-Segment form, it’s longer so imagine a five-unit long Dunsparce, yep.

  • Although, if you had a hard time catching and evolving Dunsparce, this would take a lot more of your time. According to a Reddit user u/curtis1704, after more than a hundred attempts, they got their Three-Segment Dudunsparce.

To all those fellow Dunsparce lovers seeking the long boi version. After 149 attempts. We got him from PokemonScarletViolet

  • They shared the process of what they did, and we think this may be the most effective. It’s a long process, a trial-and-error, but you want to shoot your shot to get this long Dunsparce, right? A YouTuber, the Mon Facts, does the same thing to have the last evolution form of Dunsparce.
    • You have to have at two Dudunsparce who know the ‘Hyper Drill’ move so you can mate it, and preferably of different sex. You basically would wait for them to mate and produce the egg, according to Mon Facts.
Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, Dudunsparce, egg
Screengrab Image Courtesy of Mon Facts via YouTube
    • Once you get the egg, you can then hatch it.
    • From there, you have to use the Dunsparce baby to battle one Level 20+ Pokemon to level up. But if you have an Exp. Candy, you can just use it.
    • Evolve the Dunsparce baby.
    • You can just repeat the process until you get your Three-Segment Dudunsparce.

A shot in the dark, but a higher chance if you’re desperate for a longer Dudunsparce. Do you have your Dudunsparce already? Gotta catch (breed) ’em all, Trainers!

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