Pokemon Scarlet and Violet - Flittle and Espathra Evolution + Where to get

Is anyone interested in Flittle and Espathra’s evolution in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet? You came to the right place, Trainers. The most recent Pokemon game has many new elements up on its sleeves. This includes new Pokemon evolutions as well, including this evolution. So if you need help with these two, then here’s everything you need to know about Pokemon Flittle and Espathra, how to evolve them, and where to get them.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s Flittle and Espathra

To kick off, Flittle is a Psychic-type Pokemon in the recently released game. It is known to be the Frill Pokemon and it happens to be a new addition to the list of Pokemon in the game. It looks like a cute bucket hat with ears, come on, just look at the photo below.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, Flittle
Image Courtesy of u/WWWWWWRRRRRYYYYY via Reddit
  • You can see that this cute Pokemon levitates at least half an inch off the ground. Moreover, Flittle evolves to its next form named Espathra. Currently, the evolution stops there, maybe we can expect another one soon? Well, let’s look forward to that!
  • Flittle’s Abilities include Anticipation and Frisk, and a hidden ability of Speed Boost. Let’s jump to where you can get these two new addition to your Pokedex!

Where to get Flittle and Espathra

  • The first question you probably have in mind is where you can get this newest Psychic Pokemon. In all honesty, that should not be a problem since Frittle is a common Pokemon in the game. It can be found in mountain areas or deserts in the region of Paldea. You can expect to see a Flittle in the following locations below:
    • Asado Desert
    • Glaseado Mountain
    • East Province (Area One)
    • North Province (Area One)
    • South Province (Areas Two, Four, Five, and Six); and
    • West Province (Areas One and Two)
Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, flittle habitat
Image Courtesy of Destructoid
  • Moving forward, if you want to get Espathra as well, you have two options in the game. You can get yourself a Flittle to evolve it or encounter Espathra in the wild, mostly in the mountainous areas. So if you’re up to exploring the wild, then we’ll gladly give you the areas where to find Espathra.
    • North Province (Areas One, Two, and Three)
    • South Province (Area Six)
    • Tagtree Thicket; and
    • Zapapico

How to evolve Flittle

If you caught a Flittle and having a hard time finding an Espathra, maybe you would like to evolve it. Before anything else, Espathra is known to be an Ostrich Pokemon. It is introduced to the Pokemon series in this Generation IX. It does look like an ostrich, be the judge and take a look at Pokemon Number 264!

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, Espathra
Image Courtesy of u/WWWWWWRRRRRYYYYY via Reddit
  • Okay back to evolving, first and foremost (and last maybe), you have to reach your Flittle at Level 35. Your adorable Flittle evolves to Espathra, well unless you choose to cancel it. But that’s all you need to have and use its next evolution in the form.
  • Furthermore, Espathra and its big eyes immobilize its opponents through its psychic power. Be careful when facing this creature too, it might look harmless at first sight, but surely it does fight. Espathra’s Abilities include Opportunist and Frisk, and a hidden ability of Speed Boost.

Let us know if you caught these Psychic Pokemon, Trainers! Make sure to catch ’em all!

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