Pokemon: Scarlet and Violet – Grimer evolution level, Is it strong?

Our favorite sludge Pokemon makes another appearance in the latest main series Pokemon game. You can find Grimer hanging around for you to add to your Pokedex. What’s unusual about it has a different experience requirement before you can evolve it into a Muk. Here’s everything you need to know about its level and strength.

Evolution Level

Grimer has no strict leveling requirements. All you need to do is take it to level 38, and you’ll then get the prompt for its Muk evolution. It’s unusually high compared to other Pokémon with single evolutions in that game. Employing a few tried and tested strategies can help achieve this faster.

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The easiest would be rare candy, which you can feed to Grimer when you find it. Experience candy is alsoa way to boost your leveling. You can do this by participating in Tera Raid battles which reward the candy. Unlike rare candy, experience candy only brings bursts of exp instead of the entire level.

Another new system you can use the Let’s go auto-battling. That way, your Grimer gains levels over time, leading you to that desired evolution.

Is it Strong?

Muk is arguably the best pure poison Pokemon in the game, clearly dominating the field from Gen 1. It loses the advantages of having a second type but doesn’t have the disadvantages. No dual typing means you only have to worry about Poison weaknesses. Poison types are resistant to the following:

  • Poison
  • Fighting
  • Fairy
  • Grass
  • Bug

They’re only weak against psychic and ground attacks. Muk is a well-rounded Pokemon with the convenient Poison Touch hidden ability. It means that Muk can poison an enemy when it touches them.

When you’re looking for a dual type, you may want to consider the Fire/Poison Iron Moth. It has resistance against special moves and a high special itself to inflict lots of poison damage. Muk is a strong defensive option and can be highly effective with the proper typing.

Another option you may want to consider is Glimmora, with its higher resistance. The best use for it is as a defender against physical Pokemon. Toxtricity is another option with high special attack and the ability to learn powerful moves like Boomburst.

Muk Location and Uses

You can find Grimer and Muk in the West and East province of area two. It has a 3% chance to spawn, meaning it’s a rare find in Town biomes. A Muk in your collection can be beneficial, especially in Tera raids. Being able to bring in a strong poison type to give you an advantage in offense is always a great option.

Not only that, but Muk isn’t often a consideration in competitive PVP builds. Suddenly bringing him out when you’re opponent’s unprepared can lead to an easy victory. It’s about leveraging its strengths and bringing them out at the right time.

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