Pokemon: Scarlet and Violet – How to evolve Gimmighoul?

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet - How to evolve Gimmighoul

We love to see our Pokedex growing and also evolving! Oh, you too? With that being said, we’re here for another evolving guide for you, Trainers. In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, you probably encountered a lot of new faces and creatures by now. If you haven’t found Gimmighoul just yet, then, of course, we’d be glad to help you here. Catch your own, know its evolution, and how to evolve Gimmighoul, all questions consider it answered and done!

Pokemon Gimmighoul

So no we’ll welcome you to Pokemon Gimmighoul 101! Firstly, we hope you know that this Pokemon has been recently added to the game AKA part of Generation 9. And yes, you can find this creature in the Paldea Region of Scarlet and Violet. Additionally, it has two forms: the Chest Form and the Roaming Form. What’s their difference?

The Chest Form and Roaming Form

Based on their names, you can easily imagine one that’s in a chest, while the other just roams around. And believe it or not, it’s literally like that. Chest Form is a Coin Chest Pokemon where it hides in a treasure chest and moves slowly.

  • While on the other hand, the Roaming Form may have a headache for Trainers who caught a glimpse of them. It holds a coin and wanders around the region, however, too speedy to be caught, and unable to be caught as of now too. But it’s helpful to help the Chest Form evolve!
Pokemon Gimmighoul, chest form roaming form
Image Courtesy of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Its evolution

While you get familiar with its two forms, it comes from a two-family evolution. As of now, you can only catch the Chest Form and evolve it into its final form, Gholdengo. From a Ghost-type Pokemon, when it evolves to Pokemon Gholdengo it becomes a Steel- and Ghost-type Pokemon.

  • We suggest you evolve your Chest Form into its last form if you plan to use it in battles. It may be time-consuming, but pretty sure it will be worth it. So, how can you get it?

How to get the Chest Form?

To get Pokemon Gimmighoul in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, you don’t have to explore so much though. Since this type can be found in hiding inside a treasure chest, you can head and interact with it before having a battle.

  • However, this Pokemon may be at around levels 12 to 15, so be sure not to use strong attacks! Low-level Ghost-type Pokemon do have a low defense as well, so be careful when you encounter one.
How to evolve Gimmighoul, how to get
Screengrab Image Courtesy of Pokemon via YouTube
  • You can spot it hidden around the Paldea region. Check out ruins or on the top of watchtowers, you may find them there. Also since it hides, head to warehouses, shop corners, or places where Pokemon and people rarely go to.

How to evolve Pokemon Gimmighoul?

Now we reached the million-dollar question, how to evolve this Ghost-type Pokemon? It should be done by collecting coins, no other things, just collecting. What makes it harder than other evolving? You have to have 999 Gimmighoul coins.

Gholdengo, pokemn scarlet and violet
Screengrab Image Courtesy of 100% Guides via YouTube
  • You can successfully evolve it into Pokemon Ghodengo when you collect the required number of coins. You can find these coins across the Paldea Region with its Roaming Form or battle with the Chest Form. So there are probably a lot of times that you can find them around!
  • Once you find a Gimmighoul, you can head back to that place after 48 hours as it respawns at the same place again (if that helps!). Check out some buildings, vehicles, or under trees, you can spot them because of their coin shimmering!

Pokemon Gimmighoul and Gholdengo are at your service! Trainers gotta catch ’em all!

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