The collection of Pokemon in the Pokedex is truly satisfying for Trainers. In the recently released Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, how many Generation 9 Pokemon have you caught? We’re still in search to complete the newest species in the game, but if you need some help finding Generation 7’s Oranguru, then we’ll gladly help you. Where to find Oranguru? Here are its possible locations, statistics, evolutions, and everything you need to learn about this rare one. Let’s get down to catch ’em all, shall we?

Pokemon Oranguru

If you’re in Pokemon Violet, unfortunately, you cannot find it there. Oranguru is a Pokemon Scarlet exclusive, so you may want to head over there to explore. Make sure you’re willing to spend more time catching Oranguru, it would be longer than the others.

  • Oranguru is a Sage Pokemon, introduced in Generation 7 of the game series. It is a Normal- and Psychic-type, with features of an orangutan. If you did not continue finding it in Scarlet, you may want to trade a Pokemon of yours to someone who caught Oranguru in the game.
Pokemon Oranguru
Image Courtesy of Bulbagarden Archives
  • It has no evolution forms, however, it is believed to be a counterpart of Pokemon Passimian (Pokemon Violet exclusive). Both are introduced in the seventh generation and have monkey family-like features. You can see the two of them side-by-side below.
Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, oranguru passimian
Image Courtesy of Bulbagarden Archives (1), (2)
  • This Pokemon Oranguru may have been overlooked as human because it is known to give orders to other Pokemon. The Psychic abilities show up as they challenge each other with a battle of wit to test their intelligence, and of course, their superiority.

Where to find

Without any more segues, here’s where you can find Oranguru in Pokemon Scarlet. According to Pokedex, it spends most of its time up in trees and is rarely seen.

  • You can find Oranguru in Tagtree Thicket an area up the northern of Zapapico. If you have not encountered it in the area, head to the next location at the North Province in Area Two. You’ll pass Tagtree first, so we’re hoping you’ll sight an Oranguru there. You just have to roam or explore the area, so go ahead, Trainers!
Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, tagtree thicket
Screengrab Image Courtesy of Leah via YouTube
  • According to the Pokemon Database, you can expect a 15% chance of the orangutan species showing up in both locations. This can happen in any cycle between morning, day, and night time. The possible level you can catch ranges from 25 to 50.

How to catch

Be mindful of its health when you are trying to catch one since it is rare to see. Honestly, finding it may be harder than actually catching it. Just make sure you have a Great Poke Ball once you find an Oranguru to catch.

Pokemon Oranguru, tagtree
Image Courtesy of Techno Trainer via YouTube
  • Do keep in mind that the Pokemon is weak against Bug- and Dark-type of Pokemon, and we wouldn’t want it to just faint. Powerful moves from strong Pokemon may have a chance to make it faint so beware too! If you would want to try, just use the Great Ball to catch it rather than fight it.

More about Oranguru

  • If you already caught the Pokemon, you may need a bit of information about it. It has two abilities as Inner Focus (protects it from flinching) and Telepathy (anticipates its enemy’s attack and then dodges it). And watch out for its Hidden Ability called Symbiosis that gives the opponent its own Held item when the enemy uses theirs.
  • Moreover, Pokemon Oranguru has the base stats of the following:
    • HP: 90
    • Attack: 60
    • Defense: 80
    • Special Attack: 90
    • Special Defense: 110
    • Speed: 60
    • Total Combat Points: 490

That’s all you need to know about Pokemon Oranguru, gotta catch ’em, Trainers!

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