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What Pokemon game is complete without the ability to catch ’em all? In Scarlet and Violet, there is an abundance of Pokemon you can catch while on your journey to be the very best that no one ever was. However, there are some Pokemon that you can fight but not catch. If you’re wondering where and how to catch Passimian in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, we have bad news for you. Passimian is only available for Trainers in the Violet version. Keep reading to find out more!

Passimian is only available in Pokemon Violet – not Scarlet

Passimian is a version exclusive to Trainers with a copy of Pokemon Violet. Although you may encounter this Pokemon, there is no way for Pokemon Scarlet players to see Passimian out in the wild.

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  • If you really want to catch them all, you can do so by trading with a friend playing on the Violet version or entering their world. There is also an option to get your own copy of Pokemon Violet and transfer Passimian over through Pokemon HOME. But with the number of issues the games have been having since launch, will it be worth it?
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  • Passimian is not really a rare type of Pokemon that you need to have in both Violet and Scarlet. Of course, that changes if you’re the type of Trainer whose aim is to build a large roster of Pokemon to take part in events like Raid battles

Where to catch Passimian in Pokemon Violet

Now that we know Passimian is only available in Pokemon Violet, here is where you can find this Fighting-type lemur. You don’t have to search far and wide for Passimian, too! The best area to find Passimian in the wild is by going to Tagtree Thicket where you’ll see this Pokemon taking a casual stroll in the forest.

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  • Passimian can always be found near trees. If you aren’t near the Tagtree Thicket location, you can also find this Pokemon somewhere in the North Province in the Forest and Biome areas

Other information

Passimian is a Fighting-type Pokemon. There are no known evolutions for this Pokemon as of writing. Keep this in mind if you’re looking to add it to your team!

Pokedex Entry
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  • Since this is a Fighting-type Pokemon, Passimian is a great choice for an offensive line-up. If you are able to catch this Pokemon, it can have either the Receiver or Telepathy ability
    • Pokemon who are Receivers are able to obtain the ability of a fallen teammate in a double/triple battle
    • For Pokemon with Telepathy, they will not be damaged by teammates during double and triple battles
Screengrab Courtesy of rinimt via YouTube
  • Some Passimians may have a hidden ability called Defiant. Although this is a single-use ability, this may change the tides in a battle when used right. Passimian’s Attack stats will be boosted, making it an effective way to counter the opposing team’s line-up
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