Up for another Pokemon Scarlet and Violet guide? We love having you over here with your controllers or any gaming devices ready to catch a Pokemon. Let’s fill up our Pokedex with these Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet, shall we? Oh, and of course, our agenda for today includes all the details about Pokemon Revavroom — where to find it, statistics, and its evolution!

Pokemon Revavroom

Another Pokemon from Generation 9 makes its way to us today. You can say that this new creature looks like an engine and with its name, well probably it is. Revavroom is a Steel- and Poison-type Pokemon. Belonging to this dual type, it means that Revavroom weakens to Ground-type and Fire-type.

Pokemon Revavroom
Image Courtesy of Smogon
  • Moreover, it resists Bug, Dragon, Fairy, Flying, Grass, Ice, Normal, Rock, and Steel-types, and is immune to Poison-type, respectively. Now you know which types to use if you’re facing a Revavroom!
  • Revavroom belongs to a two-family evolution. It evolves from Varoom when it reaches Level 40. For extra information, it is known as the ‘Multi-Cyl Pokemon’. While Varoom is a ‘Single-Cyl Pokemon’.
Pokemon Revavroom, Varoom
Screengrab Image Courtesy of Quick Tips via YouTube
  • On the other hand, you may be shocked to know that Revavroom has five other Starmobile forms made by Ortega. You can only see these different forms when you battle the respective Team Star bosses, meaning we can’t have it yet.
    • Caph Starmobile: Fighting-type
    • Navi Starmobile: Poison-type
    • Ruchbah Starmobile: Fairy-type
    • Schedar Starmobile: Fire-type
    • Segin Starmobile: Dark-type

Statistics and Abilities

If you haven’t caught your Revavroom yet, you may want to know how strong it is. Pretty sure you would want to add this to your Pokedex, so read below to know its statistics and abilities.

  • Pokemon Revavroom and its base form Varoom have the following base statistics that would probably make you explore the Paldea region to have them. We have a table for you to compare its strength before and after evolving.
Varoom Revavroom
HP 45 80
Attack 70 119
Defense 63 90
Special Attack 30 54
Special Defense 45 67
Speed 47 90
Total Combat Points 300 500
  • Now let’s move on to Revavroom’s abilities in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.
    • It has an Overcoat Ability that protects the user against the effects of Powder and Weather moves, respectively.
    • Additionally, it has a Filter Hidden Ability that reduces the damage of largely effective moves by 25%.

Where to find

If you’re thinking that you need Varoom to evolve into Revavroom, you’re quite wrong though. Although if you caught Varoom first, then it would be an option to level it up to 40 to evolve into the next (and last form). But, there’s another option for you!

  • Revavroom can be caught in the wild in the region of Paldea. This should be found in the northeastern part of the region. For more specific areas, you may want to check out the following locations below:
    • Glaseado Mountains (check out the east side)
Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, glaseado
Image Courtesy of Game8
    • North Province (Area One)
    • West Province (Area Three)
  • Be mindful that the level of this Pokemon may be quite higher than you expected. So if you’re just starting your adventure, we advise you to strengthen your Pokemon first before facing Revavroom.
  • If you want the way of evolving Varoom, then you can head over to the East Province in Area Three. You can find Varoom in the open fields, so get ready to catch it!

Explore the Paldea region and catch your Revavroom too! You know what Pokemon says, ‘Gotta catch ’em all!’

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