Is anyone interested in getting new Generation 9 Pokemon? If you’re enjoying Pokemon Scarlet and Violet and you need help finding one named Smoliv, then we got you. Significantly, around 100 new Pokemon await you in this generation, but today let’s know more about the Smoliv evolution. Here’s everything you need to know about it and where to get them. We always have to catch ’em all, Trainers!

Pokemon Smoliv from Scarlet and Violet

Let’s start with the basics of getting to know this new Pokemon Smoliv. It is another dual-type creature, a Grass- and Normal-type Pokemon. It actually resembles its name though, this Pokemon is cute and small, and *definitely* olive-like in appearance.

Pokemon Smoliv
Image Courtesy of The Pokemon Company via Dot Esports
  • We’ll provide information about Smoliv also and first off its Abilities. It has an Early Bird ability and a hidden ability of Harvest. When you evolve this base Pokemon to Arboliva, its stats would increase greatly.

Smoliv evolution

So now, we’ll be hopping on to its evolution and this adorable one has two forms. Believe it or not, but its next evolution form named Dolliv has two olives on its head. This is slightly bigger that the first form.

  • On the other hand, when Dolliv reaches a specific level, it evolves to its last form called Arboliva. This should be the olive tree already, its arms resemble branches and its arms have multiple olives hanging.
Image Courtesy of Pokepedia
  • In order to evolve Smoliv into Dolliv, you have to reach the cute-size Pokemon to Level 25. From there and to have the last evolution form, Arboliva, Dolliv needs to be at Level 35. You don’t have anything else to have or to do as they automatically evolve when they reach a certain level. So, Trainers, you have to grind your way to reach their evolving levels!
  • Additionally, Arboliva’s strengths in this game would be its Special Attack, Special Defense, and Defense. So make sure you evolve Smoliv to its last form!

Where to get

Now, this is the remaining question that we have to answer is where to get Smoliv or any of its evolution. With its size, it would be easy to miss so we remind you to keep a keen eye if you want to capture this one.

  • According to Pokedex, Smoliv lives in the olive fields. This should be in the South Province in Area 2. The Smoliv in this area should be around Level 7, BTW.
Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, area 2
Image Courtesy of Serebii
  • You can also check out the crop fields in Cortondo. Well, it is known as an “olive city” for players, maybe you’d find a few around. Moreover, the level of the Pokemon in this area should be at 11.
  • If you want a more challenging way to get Smoliv, you may want to involve in Tera Raids. Well, it is noticeable that the Pokemon in this process is stronger than those in the wild.
Pokemon Smoliv, scarlet and violet year raid
Image Courtesy of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
  • How to get it? You should weaken the Pokemon first before throwing your Poke ball. We hope you can enjoy and grind your Smolivs!

Have you caught your Smoliv in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?

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