Pokemon: Scarlet and Violet – What is Salt Cure?

Anyone playing Pokemon: Scarlet and Violet will have heard of Salt Cure. It’s one of the newest moves introduced to the game that many people are talking about. There is a possibility for Game Freak to build upon this technique and strategy, as this may only be the beginning. Here is everything you need to know about it.

Salt Cure – An Overview

Salt Cure is a new Pokemon move akin to Whirlpool. It deals a small amount initially before dealing significant damage over time. The damage can become overwhelming, and it’s the first salt move introduced to the game. It brings a whole new meaning to rubbing salt in the wound.

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According to various sources, Salt Cure deals 1/8 of the opposing Pokemon’s health as damage. It also deals extra damage to water and steel types, given that salt is somehow their natural enemy. The implication of this move may be the introduction of salt types in the game and franchise. It’s a little unusual, though The Pokemon Company is known to introduce weird things from time to time.

You can obtain it through Naclstack or Garganacl, the only salt-type Pokemons in the franchise. They are considered Salt type Pokemon, and their names aptly contain the chemical composition of salt (NaCl).

How to use Salt Cure

Salt Cure can work similarly to how you can use turtling strategies, where you focus more on defense while the attack whittles the enemy’s HP. Naclstack can learn this move after evolution, while Garganacl will only get it after level 24. Because it’s only available with this Pokemon line, many trainers seek it for their collection.

As mentioned earlier, you can boost the defenses of Naclstack. Use Salt Cure with the Study ability, and you’ll be able to survive one-hit Kos. From there, your Pokemon can focus on healing while Salt Cure does its job.

Since you’re going full defense with this strategy, you want to maximize your defense stats through hyper-training. You also want them to learn iron Defense to make them unkillable. It’s a strong strategy that even top players use to great effect.

Pokemon: Scarlet and Violet’s Popularity Continues to Grow

Scarlet and Violet have now set themselves as the current generation of Pokemon. It’s solidified its stance with the number of sales despite numerous criticisms about the game. To date, it’s now the lowest-rated main series entry. Players love many things about it, but there are many inconsistencies with the game to even make it competitive in today’s landscape.

Despite that, we’ll likely continue to play Scarlet and Violet until the next iteration arrives. We’re likely to see DLC in the future, like how they did Sword and Shield. The Pokemon Company will = promote this new generation in other mediums, such as the TCG. We’ll also seeits influence reach things like merchandise, Pokemon Go, and more. What do you think about Salt Cure? Comment down below and let us know.

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