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The latest titles in the Pokemon game series include a lot of new Pokemon for Trainers to catch. One of the newest additions in Scarlet and Violet is Garganacl, a pure Rock-type specie that is considered rare, so it’s not surprising to see a lot of Trainers wanting to catch it. If you’re stuck on where to find Garganacl in Pokemon: Scarlet and Violet, stay with us as we’ll guide you through everything you need to know including its weakness.

Where to find Garganacl in Pokemon: Scarlet and Violet

If you’re still not done with the questlines in Pokemon: Scarlet and Violet, there is no way for you to find Garganacl yet. After you finish the questlines in the games, you can now travel to the Research Stations of the Great Crater of Paldea.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet - Where to find Garganacl + Weakness - Map
Screengrab Courtesy of Techno Trainer via YouTube
  • Once you’re in the Research Stations of the Great Crater of Paldea, go near the caves. This is the area where Garganacl hangs out. This Pokemon is unmissable so as soon as you see a specie that resembles a giant chunk of rock salt, that will be Garganacl.
Pokemon Scarlet and Violet - Where to find Garganacl + Weakness - Encounter
Screengrab Courtesy of Techno Trainer via YouTube
  • This location is where Garganacl spawns, so be on the lookout for this Pokemon! However, it’s important to remember that the Garganacl in this area is already at Level 58. Make sure you’re ready before trying to catch them.

Alternative way to find Garganacl

Another way to have Garganacl on your team is by evolving any Nacli or Naclstack in your team. Similar to Garganacl, they are found in caves or around desert areas. Once you catch either of the Pokemon, keep leveling them up until they reach Level 38. At this point, it will evolve into Garganacl.

Below are the areas where you can find Nacli or Naclstack in Pokemon: Scarlet and Violet.


Area One East Province
South Province
West Province
Area Two North Province
East Province
West Province
South Province
Area Three East Province
South Province
Area Four
Area Five
Area Six
Tagthree Thicket
Asado Desert


NACLSTACK Area One North Province
Area Two
Area Three
Area Three West Province
Area Six South Province
Casserova Lake coast
Glaseado Mountain
Tagtree Thicket


Garganacl in Pokemon: Scarlet and Violet is a Rock-type specie. This means that moves from Normal, Fire, Flying and Poison-type moves will be ineffective against it. Although there is only an 11.9% rate of successfully catching Garganacl, this Pokemon does have its weaknesses. When you come across a wild Garganacl, make sure to perform the following moves in order to bring down its defenses:

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet - Where to find Garganacl + Weakness - 2
Screengrab Courtesy of Techno Trainer via YouTube
  • Fighting
  • Grass
  • Ground
  • Steel
  • Water

Some of the best moves you can use against Garganacl are Disable, Stun Spore, and Sleep Powder in order to easily capture it. You will want to have this Pokemon on your team since it has a move called Salt Cure. This move is especially powerful against Steel or Water-type Pokemon since the amount of damage it gives out per turn is increased.

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We hope this guide helped any Trainers in catching Garganacl in Pokemon: Scarlet and Violet! If you have other questions about how to effectively catch this Pokemon, let us know in the comments below. We’ll make sure to get back to you soon. Until then, stay with us here at Spiel Times for more content.

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