Pokemon Scarlet and Violet - Where to find Iron Treads

Honestly, the first installment in Generation 9 of Pokemon truly gives a lot. We mean, a collection of new Pokemon, new starter evolutions, and open-world exploration too. What more can we expect with the upcoming updates and even Pokemon games too? We can’t wait! But for now, let’s talk about one of the additions in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, where to find Pokemon Iron Treads?

Well, if you’re not yet familiar, Iron Treads belongs to a new category of Pokemon called Paradox. This type enters the 9th Generation, and there is more to know about it, so stay with us here!

Pokemon Iron Treads

Finally, we’ll introduce you to Iron Treads, a Ground- and Steel-type Paradox Pokemon. It has no evolutions and is only attainable in Pokemon Violet. You cannot gain access to this Pokemon from Pokemon Scarlet, just so you know.

Pokemon Iron Treads
Image Courtesy of Pokemon Database
  • Just an extra piece of information, Iron Treads is the Future version of Pokemon Donphan. It has a Quark Drive ability that “boosts Pokemon’s most proficient stat on Electric Terrain”, according to Game8. So now, here’s what you need to do to catch Iron Treads.

How to catch

You’d be needing all your grinding energy to find this Pokemon. We hope you’re in Pokemon Violet right now before we start our guide. Unfortunately, you can’t just head to an area in the Paldea region and find Iron Treads around, you have to go through a series of campaigns first.

Pokemon Iron Treads, research station 4
Screengrab Image Courtesy of FireCarnage Gaming via YouTube
  • You have to complete three campaigns before you can head to the next step. Make sure you completed the storylines: Victory Road, Starfall Street, and Path of Legends.
  • If you’re successful in finishing these campaigns, another campaign opens for you, Trainers. A hidden storyline will take place at the Great Crater of Paldea, so you’ll be brought there.
  • However, do know that Trainers have to turn on all three research stations and reach Area Zero. Iron Treads wouldn’t spawn unless you complete these steps. You’ll know you’re on the right track when you’ll see a cutscene.
    • Now you’re introduced to a new Pokemon category AKA the Paradox Pokemon. Once the cutscene ends, you can now capture Iron Treads.

Where to find

When you reach Area Zero of the Greater Crater of Paldea, keep in mind that this is where Iron Treads spawns. Once you unlock the area, go into Area Zero, and you can easily spot Iron Treads everywhere. Easy, right?

Iron Treads, area zero
Screengrab Image Courtesy of Release-Fire via YouTube
  • If you are completing the final story quest in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, and haven’t found your Iron Treads yet, don’t worry, you have another chance! The Paradox Pokemon appears everywhere in the crater caverns, so take the opportunity to catch one!
  • Another way to get Pokemon Iron Treads is when you complete the game. Trainers can fast-travel to the Zero Gate and you can pick up the Pokemon lying around.
  • Lastly, to get this Pokemon, head over to Research Station #4. You can look around the caverns there, explore the area and find Iron Treads spawning into the overworld.
Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, future donphan
Screengrab Image Courtesy of FireCarnage Gaming via YouTube

There you have it, Trainers. That’s all you’ll be needing to know to have yourself an Iron Treads in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet! However, we’d like to discuss another part here for you, just for extra information!

Paradox Pokemon

You may wonder what are Paradox Pokemon in this new generation, right? Well, this category is newly-introduced in Scarlet and Violet and is split into two types: the Ancient Pokemon and Future Pokemon.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Paradox Pokemon, koraidon miraidon
Image Courtesy of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
  • Most of these Paradox Pokemon have been obtained in Area Zero, so you have to finish the three storylines to gain access. Oh by the way, pretty sure you know Koraidon and Miraidon, right? They are the Ancient and Future versions of Cyclizar, respectively.
  • You can read more about the Paradox Pokemon in another article of ours. Just head over to the link below!

Are you ready to find and catch your Iron Treads in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?

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