Pokemon: Scarlet and Violet – Where to find Rellor + How to evolve?

It’s not shocking that you’re here with us while we write about Pokemon. We’d like to offer you a helping hand in searching for new creatures in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Grab your controllers and have the best seat to enjoy your adventure in the first installment of the ninth generation in the series. Here’s where to find Rellor and how to evolve it into its next form — Rabsca!

Rellor in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

With a whole new selection of Pokemon for its players, you’ll be needing to grind through if you’re goal is to catch ‘em all. Another small creature would be needing your keen eye to be found in the game. You may have passed by this little bug called Rellor in the sands.

  • Meet this Bug-type Pokemon — Rellor! They may be small but sure they are aggressive to fight against. If you want to catch it, Rellor lives in the Asado Desert, according to Pokedex. You can also check out the West Province in Area Two, by the way!
Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, Pokemon Rellor
Image Courtesy of The Pokemon Company via Dot Esports
  • Moreover, it appears to have a mud ball on its front which helps it to roll. It is weak to Fire-, Flying-, and Rock-type attacks, so be sure to damage it with the other types!
  • It has a hidden ability of Shed Skin that allows it to heal from its condition at the end of every turn. Here’s what you need to know more about this Pokemon!

Its evolution

Rellor belongs to the two-evolution family. As of now, you can only evolve it to its next (and last form) named Rabsca. Once you evolve Rellor, its color greatly changes and its strength increases certainly.

  • Their evolution falls into the Rolling Pokemon category. If you see Rellor’s mud ball then you may find Rabsca’s ball interesting.
Evolve Rellor, Rabsca
Image Courtesy of Bulbapedia
  • According to Pokedex, Rabsca’s body barely moves as it holds its ball upward. Now it’s believed that the ball it’s holding is apparently, the body of its own… Well, we get to see different things in the world of Pokemon though so that would be an amazing fact.

How to evolve Pokemon Rellor to Rabsca

Oh right, we haven’t taught you yet how to evolve Rellor into Rabsca. This would test your walking skills *wink*.

  • Once you caught Rellor, there are only a few things you need to do. Head to the Let’s Go feature and walk your Rellor for 1000 steps. Press the R button to have it walk with you!
Pokemon Scarlet and VIolet, evolve rellor paldea
Image Courtesy of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
  • You’ll need to walk slowly as when you go fast, Rellor may just head back to its Pokeball, we wouldn’t want that. If you wish for a quiet and nice walk, maybe the Alfornada does the trick. Just head to the high street and walk there up and down until the 1000th step.
  • Make sure you have Rellor at your side at all times! We wouldn’t want your walking coming to waste. So when you complete the walking, it triggers the evolution of Rabsca.

Pokemon Rabsca

Don’t worry, you have a few options that can trigger its evolution. Here are as follows:

  • Trigger it by battling in a nearby grass area
  • You can also XP items to continue this leveling up; or
  • The power of the Rare Candy can do magic too
Pokemon Rellor, Rabsca
Image Courtesy of Eurogamer

Now that you have your Rabsca, do know that it is now a Bug- and Psychic-Pokemon.

  • To briefly introduce the Pokemon to you, it has a Synchronize ability and a hidden ability of Telepathy. In Synchronize, the enemy receives the same condition it gives to the player. While Telepathy can dodge attacks thrown by its allies.
  • Additionally, you can only acquire Rabsca through evolving as of this moment.

Got your new Rellor and Rabsca in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, Trainers?

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