Pokemon: Scarlet and Violet – Where to get Clear Amulet?

What’s up, Trainers? Got any luck in finding Pokemon in the Paldea region? Lucky for you, those Pokemon aren’t the only creature (or thing) you can find or purchase in the game. There are also ingredients for sandwiches, power-ups, stones, or amulets, like that. OH, where to get Clear Amulet in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet? Here’s a guide for you to have your amulet, what can it possibly do, and why should you have it? Let’s begin this adventure, shall we?

What is Clear Amulet and where to get it?

A Clear Amulet is a Held item in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. You can have your Pokemon hold the amulet and let its effect happen. You may have found a few Held Items, but do know that each has a unique effect when held!

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  • Going back to the Clear Amulet, when held by Pokemon, according to Game8, it “protects the holder from having its stats lowered by moves used against it or by other Pokémon’s Abilities.
  • To easily understand, this sparkling amulet protects the stats of the Pokemon holding it to avoid decreasing. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work when used in Tera Raids, so keep that in mind!
Screengrab Image Courtesy of Joe Hammer Gaming via YouTube
  • The next question is where to get this Clear Amulet. You have three choices and places you can go to acquire this: the Delibird Presents Shop, Porto Marinada, and the Area One of West Province. Now, you may want to read more on how to get the amulet in these places below.

How to get it?

Two choices would require money, so if you have a hefty amount of cash then just go for the easy way and purchase it. The last choice would probably take most of your time since you have to defeat nine trainers, but the good news though is that the amulet will be free! We’ll discuss these ways one by one so you can decide what to do!

The Delibird Presents in Mesagoza

  • Head back to where you started your Trainer adventure in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet — to Mesagoza. Be certain you have four (4) Gym Badges first, then you can quickly head to the Delibirds Presents Shop.
Delibird Presents Shop, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
Image Courtesy of PerfectParadox
  • Reach the Shop? Check. Four Gym Badges? Check. Now, if you have sufficient Pokedollars, then you can purchase the Clear Amulet already. Visit the Battle Ware Items, you’ll see it requires 30,000 Pokedollars. THAT expensive? Yup, it saved your time though!

Porto Marinada

  • If you do not have a budget of 30,000, then maybe try your luck in Porto Marinada. Head to the Auction Shop as there are daily auctions where you can find a Clear Amulet for sale. This would also require your money, but this would be cheaper than the store-bought item.
Where to get Clear Amulet, porto marinada
Screengrab Image Courtesy of RandomRam via YouTube
  • If you stumble upon a sale amulet during one of the auctions, then purchase it. We mean, it’s great to save your time here so you can explore more, right?

West Province in Area One

  • Are you up for some challenging way to get the Clear Amulet? Go to the Pokemon Center in the Area One of West Province. Join a League Battle Rep in the area, you’ll be instructed to defeat nine (9) Trainers in the Rep.
How to get Clear Amulet, west province
Screengrab Image Courtesy of Joe Hammer Gaming via YouTube
  • Once successful, you can now have your Clear Amulet! The process may take a long while, but then again, the effect of the Clear Amulet is clearly helpful for your battles!

Have you picked what way would you be doing to get the Clear Amulet?

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