Pokémon Scarlet & Violet: Dawn Stone – All Locations

Pokémon Scarlet & Violet Dawn Stone - All Locations

Trainers, how’s your catching Pokemon adventure going? Have you filled out your Pokedex already, in the middle, or just starting? Anyway, whether you’re wherever in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, we’re willing to help you in case you need some catching or finding. Speaking of finding, you’re here for the Dawn Stone, so to help you search for it, here are all locations you should check out to have Dawn Stones in your bag. Let’s go on this new adventure, Trainers!

All locations of Dawn Stone

There are a few locations you can look at when you’re in search of the Dawn Stone. Those where you can just pick it up are fixed locations, so you can just follow our guide here! However, there’s another way to grab one and we’ll share it with you as well below.

  • These areas should be near the Pokeball item dropout that can be seen on the world map. These places should be in Medali and Levincia, the specific places can be read below.

West Province in Area Three

  • First stop, you can head over to Area Three in the West Province. This can be seen from a Pokeball pickup in Area Three or the northwest of Medali, head where you can see the ruins. You need to climb up a hill to reach the destination of the ruins.
All locations of Dawn Stone, west province medali
Screengrab Image Courtesy of 100% Guides via YouTube
  • The Dawn Stone can be seen shining on the ground in the form of a Pokeball just behind the wall ruins. You may check the photo below for reference to where to head directly.
All locations of Dawn Stone, west province
Image Courtesy of Eurogamer

East Province in Area Three

  • Secondly, you can check out the East Province for another Dawn Stone. From the Pokeball pickup in Area Three of East Province, head to the north of Levincia. There should be a big pile of dirt where you can find another Dawn Stone.
All locations of Dawn Stone, east province
Image Courtesy of Eurogamer

Auction House in Porto Marinada

  • Lastly, if you don’t have the energy to explore the Pokemon map, might as well head to the Auction House. Although you can test your luck here since it’s uncertain if the Auction House holds a Dawn Stone the moment you get there. You can check it from time to time though if you want to purchase one.
Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, auction house
Image Courtesy of @mattyoukhana_ via Twitter
  • We do suggest that finding the Dawn Stone in the wild is the best and guaranteed way to acquire one. Anyway, do try these steps and visit these locations to have the Stone!

About this Stone in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

If you reached here without knowing what the Dawn Stone is for, we’ll gladly be of help as well. The Dawn Stone happens to be an important item in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

  • Dawn Stone typically serves as an evolution stone in the game. You can utilize the Stone for two different Pokemon in the game: Snorunt and Kirlia. If you haven’t caught these yet, we can introduce them to you here. Both Pokemon have a split evolution path, respectively.
    • Snorunt, for both male and female species, evolves into Glalie when it reaches the level of 42. If you have a female Snorunt and use the Dawn Stone on it, it evolves into Froslass.
Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Dawn Stone, snorunt
Photo Courtesy of Pro Game Guides
    • Kirlia, on the other hand, naturally evolves into Gardevoir when it reaches level 30 which is both for female and male species. However, when a male Kirlia receives a Dawn Stone before it steps to level 30, it transforms into Gallade.
Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, kirlia
Image Courtesy of Pro Game Guides

Now, are you ready to find the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Dawn Stone?

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